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What I enjoy most about my Vietnam Airlines' A320 career...

Vietnam Airlines A320 Pilot- Captain Chong

"All the staff are friendly, even the CEO, I'm treated like part of the family. Flying is based on straight Airbus SOPs and flight training manuals are in English, so there is no risk of mistranslations. Schedules offer 10h duty days or less, the first officers are good to fly with, Vietnam Airlines crew are well-trained, and the mechanics have fantastic standards. It's a wonderful place to work."

S. Chong, A320 Captain & TRE, Vietnam Airlines

"I joined Rishworth Aviation and Deer Air in December 2008.  Deer Air is a high growth carrier within the larger Hainan Airline Group.  Hainan Airlines is the 4th largest airline in China.  The Chinese Pilots here are clearly some of the best in the world. 

Our First Officers are very professional, well trained and fly to perfection.  Our schedules are efficient and do not include any nights away from base. This is truly a Captains Airline.  Both Deer Air and Rishworth have been outstanding to the Contract Foreign Pilots here.  Rishworth has a very effective Management Team in China to ensure unrivalled service to both the Pilots and the Airline."

B. Broyles, A320 Captain, Beijing Capital Airlines (formerly Deer Air)

"I do not take career decisions lightly, this is why for the last 2 years I've known I made the right choice to join Rishworth. In this volatile worldwide airline industry you need the support of a reliable and trustworthy company to back you up when you most need it. That is exactly what I have got from Rishworth through their professionalism, personal attention to my needs, and high standards of service. I strongly recommend Rishworth to future pilots around the world."

C. Cartagena, A320 Captain, Asiana Airlines

"I have been with Rishworth for over 2 years and am currently on contract to Vietnam Airlines.  During this period, I have found Rishworth to be very professional and pro-active.  They are helpful and understanding. Their quick response and friendly staff make them a pleasure to work with.  I recommend Rishworth to anyone venturing into the world of contract aviation. You will be in very good and safe hands!"

D. Kumar, A320 Captain & TRI, Vietnam Airlines

 "I am currently a Captain on the Airbus 319 working for Deer Airlines living in Sanya, China.  Before coming to China I was apprehensive about what it would be like to live in another country and work for a foreign airline.  With the guidance of the Foreign Chief Pilot, to the welcome dinner from the Chairman of the airline, it is refreshing to be treated as a professional and with respect. Since arriving in China I found the people at Deer Airlines to be are very friendly and helpful.  When it came time to move to Sanya, Jim from Rishworth was a tremendous help on getting me set up in an apartment and making sure he was available to help me if I had any problems.

Flying the line has been easier then I anticipated with the English speaking cockpit crews and ATC.  The cabin crews are young and enthusiastic with good attitudes that are hard to find in the United States.  The 6 week on 2 week off schedule is very flexible, so the ability to go back home or travel is at your leisure.  Flying trips where you are home every night reduces the amount of fatigue on the body and makes you wonder how you ever put up with doing four day trips.

Living in Sanya is inexpensive and laid back.  The air pollution is one of the lowest levels in China.  The three different beach areas allow plenty of opportunity for rest and relaxation.  The expat community in Sanya is small but very well connected.  Overall working for Deer Airlines has been a very positive experience.  I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a new adventure."

C. Friedl, A320 Captain, Beijing Capital Airlines (formerly Deer Air)


Airbus A320 Pilot Jobs for A320 Instructors, A320 Captains & A320 First Officers

Airbus A320 Pilot Jobs

Rishworth Aviation is currently recruiting experienced pilots for a range of Airbus A320 Pilot Jobs. In particular, A320 Captains and A320 First Officers are required for international pilot job contracts.  Airline pilots interested in finding out more about these fantastic aviation job opportunities can view A320 job information below. 


Airbus A320 demand: 


The A320 is the fastest-selling airliner in the history of commercial aviation. At the Paris Airshow 2011, Airbus received an unprecedented 667 A320 commitments from airlines and lessors, leading to a backlog of over 1000 units. There will be an increase in A320 pilot jobs as a result of the Airbus A320 family's success.

Contracts offer great pay, commuting & non-commuting options, comprehensive insurance, and per diems. Generous travel benefits for monthly days off are also available. Rishworth Aviation provides flight crew with quality up-to-date pre-screening support and advice, and great on-contract support.

Want to change fleets? Self-funded type-rating opportunities available...


Korean Airlines are currently offering opportunities for Non-Type rated pilots to attain positions as A330 Captains and A330 First Officers.  Pilots with A320 Captain, A320 First Officer, A340 Captain or A340 First Officer experience will be considered for positions with Korean Air to fly the A330, provided they meet the minimum requirements and are willing to arrange and fund their own A330 type-rating.

Please visit the FLY KOREAN AIR page for these opportunities.


There are 8 jobs featured in AIRBUS A320 PILOT JOBS.

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    Air Mauritius A319 First Officers
    Contract Term: 3 years
    Location/Base: Port Louis, Mauritius
    Ref #: 1813
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    Batik Air - A320 Captains - New Opportunity!
    Contract Term: 5 years renewable
    Location/Base: Jakarta, Indonesia
    Ref #: 1811
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    Vietnam Airlines A320 | A321 LTC | TRI | TRE
    Contract Term: 5 year term
    Location/Base: Vietnam
    Ref #: 1591
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    Jetstar Pacific A320 Captain
    Contract Term: 3 years, renewable
    Location/Base: Hanoi / Ho Chi Minh City (subject to availability)
    Ref #: 1561
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    Asiana Airlines A320 First Officers - NEW BONUS!
    Contract Term: 3 years, renewable
    Location/Base: Seoul
    Ref #: 1076
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    Asiana Airlines A320 Captains
    Contract Term: 3 years, renewable up to age 65
    Location/Base: Seoul
    Ref #: 1075
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    Vietnam Airlines A320 | A321 Captains - APPLY NOW!
    Contract Term: 5 years from start, renewable
    Location/Base: Vietnam
    Ref #: 967
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    Jetstar Pacific A320 First Officer - EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST
    Contract Term: 3 years, renewable
    Location/Base: Hanoi / Ho Chi Minh City (subject to availability)
    Ref #: 1562

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