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“KAL is the best airline – flight operations, aircraft maintenance and the level of respect the company gives the pilots.  I always tell my colleagues at other airlines that KAL is the best. When I considered applying for KAL I compared Rishworth with other agencies I had dealt with in the past, and Rishworth was the most reliable, plausible company. 

There are two things that are very important to me and I’m very happy with how Rishworth has managed these 1)  Rishworth wire money to my account on time every month, and 2) Rishworths have quality insurance protection at the right price.  I feel secure with Rishworths size and I have found them to be a very good agency.” 

R. Shu, Korean Air Captain (B747-400)

"Working with Rishworth has been excellent - the consultants are all pleasant and very helpful, and have offered outstanding advice and opportunities.  They helped me through the Air India screening, making sure everything went smoothly, and I am very pleased with the result. 

Throughout my contract, Rishworth has provided a high quality service, founded in their strong sense of professionalism, integrity and expertise.  They have built lasting relationships with myself and many other pilots I know, helping and supporting us to achieve our objectives."

Captain Pera, Air India Charter Ltd Captain (B747-400)




Boeing B747 Pilot Jobs for B747 Captains and First Officers
(B747-400 / B744) - Type Rated and Non-Type Rated positions

B747 Pilot Jobs Rishworth Aviation is currently recruiting experienced pilots for Boeing B747 Pilot Jobs. B744 Captains and First Officers are eagerly sought for international pilot jobs. Pilots interested in finding out more about these fantastic airline jobs can view B747 job information below.

About the Boeing B747:

Well recognised as the most popular wide-body aircraft in history, the first variant of B747 entered service in 1970, heralding the arrival of the world’s first wide-body aeroplane. When the B747 was first introduced, it was expected to sell only 400 units. However, by 1985 development began for the fourth variant of B747, the B747-400 (B744).

The B744 provided greater range, better fuel economy, reduced weight, lower noise and lower operating costs than previous B747s.  By June 2010, 1,418 B747s had been built, far surpassing earlier predictions. The B747 held the record for greatest passenger capacity for 37 years, and the B747-400F is the largest commercial cargo transport in service.

Opportunities for B747 Captains & First Officers

There are many opportunities around the world for B744 pilots with both type-rated and non-type rated airline pilot jobs available.

B747 pilot contracts offer great pay, commuting & non commuting options, comprehensive insurance, and per diems. Generous travel benefits for monthly days off are also available. Rishworth Aviation provides flight crew with quality up-to-date pre-screening support and advice, and great on-contract support.

Find out where B747 Jobs can take you…

With exciting B744 Jobs in Korea, China, the Middle East and the South Pacific, the opportunities for B747 pilots are fantastic! Click here to find out more about some of these wonderful locations.

There are 6 jobs featured in BOEING B747 PILOT JOBS.

Click 'More' on the jobs below to review more information or to see if you can apply.

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    Korean Air B747-400/800 First Officers - (2017 Interviews) New - Completion Bonus
    Contract Term: 5 years renewable
    Location/Base: Commuting - extensive worldwide network
    Ref #: 1612
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    Korean Air B747-400/800 Captains - 2017 Interviews
    Contract Term: 5 years renewable
    Location/Base: Commuting - extensive worldwide network
    Ref #: 1607
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    EVA Air A321 | A330 | B777 | B744 First Officers - NON type rated!
    Contract Term: 3 years, renewable
    Location/Base: Taipei, Taiwan
    Ref #: 1285
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    EVA Air A321 | A330 | B777 | B744 Type Rated First Officers - Immediate Requirements!
    Contract Term: 3 years, renewable
    Location/Base: Taipei, Taiwan
    Ref #: 1284
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    Asiana Airlines B744 First Officer - Urgent Requirement
    Contract Term: 3 years renewable
    Location/Base: Seoul
    Ref #: 1083
  • MORE look at this
    Asiana Airlines B744 Captains - Urgent Requirement
    Contract Term: 3 years, renewable up to age 65
    Location/Base: Seoul
    Ref #: 258

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