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"We are able to bid for, and are almost always granted our requested days at home every month;  our flying rosters very rarely change once published; good travel benefits and a clear, unambiguous contract. The airline has solid SOPs and a good safety culture. The Korean First Officers with whom we fly are competent, keen to learn and, despite my lack of conversational Korean, a pleasure to fly with.

Flying the Boeing 777 is a most enjoyable and satisfying way to earn a living. I enjoy the contrast of the airspace in which we operate – from the frozen void of the northern polar region to the most complex and busy airspaces in the world. I enjoy managing the challenges presented by the extreme weather conditions we face, from monsoon thunderstorms to the searing heat of a Middle East summer or the brutal cold of a North American or Russian winter. It is a privilege being able to spend time in a wide variety of places, experiencing different cultures and learning about the social, economic and political issues that affect people all over the world.

Rishworth Aviation is a highly professional aircrew agency who has our best interests at heart. Rishworth acts as a conduit for any contractual issues which may arise between us and the airline, all of which are dealt with efficiently, effectively and promptly"

J. Pooler, Korean Air B777 Captain


Boeing B777 Pilot Jobs for B777 Captains and First Officers
(Type Rated & Non-Type Rated)

B777 Pilot Jobs Rishworth Aviation is currently recruiting qualified pilots for Boeing B777 Pilot Jobs.  B777 Captains and B777 First Officers are eagerly sought after for international pilot jobs.  Airline pilots interested in finding out more about these fantastic aviation job opportunities can view B777 job information below.

About the Boeing B777:

The Boeing B777 aircraft, which is classified as a medium-sized airliner, entered service in 1995.  Since entering the market, B777 aircraft have completed over 5 million flights, notching up over 18 million flight hours. The wide-body B777 is the world’s largest twinjet aircraft, and is capable of long range flight.

The B777 incorporates advanced technologies such as state-of-the art avionics, advanced glass cockpit flight displays and the first commercial airline introduction of fiber optic avionics network onboard.  The B777 aircraft was also the first Boeing aircraft to introduce fly-by-wire technology and became the first aircraft certified by the FAA for ETOPS. It was also the first commercial aircraft to be designed entirely on computers. 

The B777 airplane is a popular choice in the industry due to rising fuel costs as it is a comparatively fuel efficient option when compared with other wide-body jets.  Recent variants of the B777 have undergone improvements to engine aerodynamics, increased payload capacity and thrust enhancements.  Further enhancements are planned for the B777, demonstrating a commitment to B777 development into the future.

Opportunities for B777 Captains & First Officers

B777 pilots are currently in high demand around the world. By March 2011, of the 1,209 aircraft ordered, 923 B777 airplanes had been delivered.  With non-type rated jobs available for pilots with experience on other Boeing fleet types, especially B757/767, there is a great opportunity to transition onto the B777.

B777 pilot contracts offer great pay, commuting & non commuting options, comprehensive insurance, and per diems. Generous travel benefits for monthly days off are also available. Rishworth Aviation provides flight crew with quality up-to-date pre-screening support and advice, and great on-contract support.


Find out where B777 Jobs can take you…

With exciting B777 Jobs in Korea for both type-rated and non-type rated pilots, future opportunities for B777 pilots are fantastic!  Click here to find out more about living and working in one of our exciting overseas destinations.

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    EVA Air A330 | B777 | B744 First Officers - NON type rated!
    Contract Term: 3 years, renewable
    Location/Base: Taipei, Taiwan
    Ref #: 1285
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    EVA Air A330 | B777 | B744 Type Rated First Officers - Immediate Requirements!
    Contract Term: 3 years, renewable
    Location/Base: Taipei, Taiwan
    Ref #: 1284
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    China Southern B777 Captains - New Roster Patterns!
    Contract Term: 4 years, renewable - Type Rated & Non Type Rated!
    Location/Base: Guangzhou, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Auckland, Vancouver, London (Please enquire about the available bases on your fleet)
    Ref #: 988
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    Asiana Airlines B777 First Officer
    Contract Term: 3 years renewable
    Location/Base: Seoul
    Ref #: 413

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