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Beijing Capital Airlines

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"... The Chinese pilots here are clearly some of the best in the world. Our First Officers are very professional, well trained and fly to perfection. Our schedules are efficient and do not include any nights away from base. This is truly a Captain's Airline...."
Captain Billy Broyles, Beijing Capital Airlines (A320)

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"...From the guidance of the Foreign Chief Pilot, to the welcome dinner from the Chairman of the airline, it is refreshing to be treated as a professional and with respect. Since arriving in China, I have found the people at Beijing Capital Airlines to be very friendly and helpful..... Flying the line has been easier than anticipated with the English speaking cockpit crews and ATC. The cabin crews are young and enthusiastic with good attitudes... The 6-week-on 2-week-off schedule is very flexible, so the ability to go back home or travel is at your leisure..."
Captain Christiane Friedl, Beijing Capital Airlines (A320)

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 Attractions and Activities in China

  • Experiencing Beijing and Shanghai's incredible cityscapes and landscapes
  • Visiting the Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven
  • Touring the Great Wall of China
  • Visiting Xi'an's Terracotta Army
  • Attending Tea Ceremonies and enjoying the best of Chinese cuisine
  • Attending Chinese Opera and much, much more...

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Living in China

The People's Republic of China is the largest country in East Asia and the most populous in the world with over 1.3 billion people - approximately one-fifth of the world's population. The country also boasts the oldest continuous civilisation and the oldest written language system in the world. The language of Mandarin is spoken by over 70% of the population, with many other minority languages also spoken.

Chinese culture includes a vibrant array of art, literature, painting, paper art, calligraphy, opera, poetry, cinema and music; making for a colourful and exciting experience for visitors to this illustrious country.

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Working with Rishworth Aviation during your contract in China

Rishworth has 25+ years' experience, dealing with over 100 international and domestic carriers spanning over 40 countries. We are one of the largest dedicated crew leasing businesses in the world.

We are the leading crew leasing provider for the Asia Pacific region, with crew on contract in Korea, China, Japan, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Australasia, Brunei, Europe and both Northern and Southern Africa. More than a decade's experience in Asian markets has provided us with an in-depth understanding of the issues and challenges facing crew working in China. We pride ourselves on providing ongoing support to our pilots on contract in China. We are at your service, which means we can help you settle in and enjoy a rewarding and successful contracting experience.

We have a dedicated in-market representative based in China who is able to assist you during the screening process and in settling in to working and living in China.

We are also there to facilitate communications with the Airline, and to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible for you during your time on contract with us.

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China Captain Jobs

Rishworth Aviation's contracts in China offer competitive pay and benefits, commuting and non-commuting options, bases in or near fascinating Chinese locations and excellent proven Rishworth insurances.


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Airline Overviews


China Southern Airlines - A330, B787 and B777 Captains (Various Bases) - Immediate Requirements - Ongoing Screenings 

China Southern Airlines is the largest airline in Asia and the worlds sixth largest airline, based on passenger numbers. China Southern Airlines has bases in Guangzhou and Beijing and operates both Domestic and International routes to 121 destinations including, the United States, England, Canada, Greater Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and major Asian locations. Commuting is enabled due to China Sothern’s vast network. China Southern has an expanding fleet currently with 422 operational aircraft. Rishworth Aviation is excited to begin recruitment for A320, A330 and B777 Captains based in Guangzhou, the third largest city in China.

Beijing Capital Airlines (Previously Deer Air) - A320 and A330 Captains (Various bases).

Beijing Capital Airlines' headquarters are based at Beijing Capital International Airport. Launched in November 2006, Beijing Capital Airlines is the only corporate and leisure charter flight operator in China and is the only Asian member of the International Air Carrier Association (IACA). Beijing Capital Airlines utilises a fleet of narrowbody Airbus aircraft, including 28 A320-200 aircraft. Its network covers 54 domestic and some international charter services.

Air China - A330 Captains

Air China was established on July 1, 1988. In 2007 Air China became a member of the Star Alliance. It  has the exclusive status as the national flag carrier of the People’s Republic of China. It is the world's 10th largest airline by fleet size. The airline carried 46.24 million domestic and international passengers in 2010, a growth of 16% compared with 2009. It is the most profitable airline in China and world's largest carrier by market value. From its main hub at Beijing Capital International AirportAir China's route network extends throughout Asia to the Middle East, Western Europe, and North and South America. Air China also flies to a significant number of Asian, Australian and European destinations from Shanghai Pudong International Airport. As of December 2010, the Air China fleet has an average age of 7.3 years. The airline currently operates A319/320/321, A330, A340, B737-300/700/800. B744, B757, B767, and B777.

OK Air - B737 EFIS or NG Captains (Beijing or Tianjin).

Ok Airways was the first private airline in China and currently has 11 passenger and cargo aircraft. It has transported 3.3 million passengers and 58 tonnes of cargo since it was launched in March 2005. Their plan is to have a fleet of 40 B737s by 2015 and 10 MA60s by 2013. Rishworth Aviation has been supplying OK Air with pilots since 2006, and with new deliveries in the pipeline, the airline is looking in good shape for expansion.

Tianjin Airlines - A320 and A330 Captains

Tianjin Airlines was established in 2004 and is a regional airline headquartered in Tianjin Binhai International Airport. The carrier operates scheduled passenger and cargo services within China and to Hong Kong and Mongolia from its main base at Tianjin Binhai International Airport and in 2016 commenced long-haul routes to London, Moscow and Auckland, utilising A330 aircraft.

SF Airlines - B737EFIS, B757 and B767 Captains

SF Airlines is a Chinese cargo airline established in 2010 and is headquartered in Shenzen, Guangdong province. An all Boeing fleet consists of 36 B737, B757 & B767 freighter aircraft which is responsible for transporting freight across all parts of China, primarily from its main operating site based at Shenzen Bao’an International Airport.

West Air - A319 and A320 Captains.

West Air was established in 2006 and is a low-cost airline based in New North Zone, Chongqing, operating a scheduled passenger network to 18 domestic destinations out of Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport and one international route to Singapore. The West Air fleet consists of the 22 A320 and 4 A319 aircraft an average age of just 3.5 years


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Your base in China

The airlines Rishworth Aviation currently work with in China offer bases in: Beijing, Tianjin, Xian, Guangzhou & Shanghai.


Shanghai Pilot JobsWith its rich and diverse culture, Shanghai is situated on the estuary of Yangtze River of China. It is an attractive and exciting city, known as an key economic centre, where Eastern and Western cultures meet. For foreign contract pilots based in Shanghai, the city offers all the facilities and services you would expect in any major cosmopolitan city worldwide, with a great selection of accommodation, restaurants, bars, theatre, sports and other entertainment and leisure activities.



Guangzhou Pilot JobsThe city of Guangzhou is home to more than 11 million people. The South Gate of China, it is located in the mid south of Guangdong province, north of the Pearl River Delta. It lies close to the South China Sea, Hong Kong and Macau, and has been one of China's largest entry points for overseas culture for many centuries. Guangzhou is the capital city of Guangdong, the centre of its economic and cultural life, and is regarded as one of China's most prosperous, liberal and cosmopolitan cities.


Tianjin pilot jobsTianjin, the sixth largest city in China is located in the North East of the country, bordered by the Bohai Gulf portion of the Yellow Sea, named for the atmospheric phenomenon that seems to turn the sea yellow at sunset while sailing or flying west. The city's urban centre is located along the Hai He River which connects the Yellow River and Yangtze River. Tianjin cuisine places a heavy emphasis on seafood due to its proximity to the sea, and the city is famous for its stand up comedy and Chinese Opera.



Beijing Pilot JobsBeijing, the Chinese Capital, also known as Peking is located in Northern China. Beijing is a major transportation hub, not only for aircraft but also for road and rail. Beijing represents the political, educational and cultural centre of the People's Republic of China. Beijing is well recognised for its palaces, and temples, works of art and teahouses and Beijing Opera. Pilots frequently report on their great experiences with hospitable people and buzzing cultures while based in these cities.



Xian Pilot JobsXian is the cultural, industrial and educational centre of central-north west China and the capital of the Shaanxi province. Xian has many famous and important cultural and historic sites, including the terracotta army, wild goose pagodas, temples, mausoleums and tombs. Whilst Xian is famed for its history, the modern industries of telecommunications, software & gaming, and aerospace underpin the economy.


The Chinese Aviation Industry

In 2002, China's government merged the nine largest Chinese airlines into three regional groups based in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, respectively: Air China, China Eastern Airlines, and China Southern Airlines. By 2005, these three had been joined by six other major airlines: Hainan Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, Shandong Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, and Sichuan Airlines. Together, the airlines had a combined fleet of approximately 860 aircraft.

The total number of planes of all mainland Chinese carriers combined will be near 1,580 by 2010, up from 863 in 2006. By 2025, the figure is estimated to be 4,000. In 2007, China had 467 airports. Of China's major airports, Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK), located 27 km northeast of central Beijing, has the greatest flow of passengers annually. Shanghai has the 3rd largest amount of air traffic in China through its two airports combined. China is served both by numerous major international flights to most countries in the world and a host of domestic regional airlines. Air traffic within mainland China is often connected through Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou.

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    XiamenAir B737NG Captains - Urgent Requirements!
    Contract Term: 3 years, renewable
    Location/Base: Xiamen, China
    Ref #: 1810
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    China Southern B777 Captains - New Roster Patterns!
    Contract Term: 4 years, renewable - Type Rated & Non Type Rated!
    Location/Base: Guangzhou, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Auckland, Vancouver, London (Please enquire about the available bases on your fleet)
    Ref #: 988
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    China Southern B787 Captains - New Roster Patterns!
    Contract Term: 4 years, renewable - Type Rated & Non Type Rated!
    Location/Base: Guangzhou, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Auckland, Vancouver, London (Please enquire about the available bases on your fleet)
    Ref #: 987
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    China Southern A330 Captain - New Roster Patterns!
    Contract Term: 4 years, renewable - Type Rated & Non Type Rated
    Location/Base: Guangzhou, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Auckland, Vancouver, London (Please enquire about the available bases on your fleet)
    Ref #: 776

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