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“I was very impressed by the professionalism Rishworth had demonstrated. I got responses to email enquiries within 24 hrs, everyone had been very helpful. I feel Rishworth Aviation is a very professional outfit and I can’t recommend you highly enough. Thank you so much for all your help and assistance!”

P. Vaid, B737 First Officer, Jetstar Pacific Vietnam

"I would like very much to make a few observations about my time with Rishworth Aviation and give thanks for the opportunity to be able to be part of the Rishworth team for the last four and a half years.  Everyone has been so helpful and nothing seems to be a problem.  This is particularly admirable when I bear in mind that I am one of very many pilots that you have placed throughout the world.  Well done.  All in all I could not speak more highly of the wonderful job you guys do there.  I have enjoyed my time with Rishworth Aviation and am very grateful for the opportunity to have been part of the Rishworth team working closely with Pacific Blue as it has grown and matured as an airline.  I shall always remember my time with Rishworth Aviation with fondness."

M. Vincent, Pacific Blue B737 Captain



"Rishworth was so extremely helpful in getting me the job in the first place.  My family and I were in a bit of a bind after a group of us lost our jobs with no notice.  The contract being offered so quickly was a godsend..."

B. Hempel, Pacific Blue B737 First Officer


"I would like to reiterate my gratitude at the opportunity given to me by Rishworth in gaining me my first position on a jet.  It is appreciated and I would not hesitate in recommending Rishworth to any pilot looking for employment."

T. Stone, Pacific Blue B737 First Officer


"Being part of the Rishworth Team has been a great experience. Their attitude has always been professional and supportive, always ready to assist in short time. It has been a pleasure being on contract at Centralwings."

J. Asplund, Central Wings B737 First Officer


Boeing B737 Pilot Jobs for B737 Captains, Instructors and First Officers (B737 NG & B737 EFIS aircraft)

B737 pilot jobs Rishworth Aviation is currently recruiting qualified pilots for Boeing B737 Pilot Jobs.  B737 Captains, Instructors and First Officers are eagerly sought after for international pilot jobs.  Airline pilots interested in finding out more about these fantastic aviation job opportunities can view B737 job information below.

About the Boeing B737

The Boeing 737 series began development in 1967 and has since grown to include nine passenger models.  With timely upgrades, Boeing first moved from the original B737-100 to a lengthened model, B737-200.  The launch of the B737-300, B737-400 and B737-500 followed. This series later became known as the B737 Classic, prompted by the launch of the B737NG (Next-Generation) series, which incorporates the B737-600, B737-700, B737-800, and B737-900.  The classive series was fitted with the optional Eletronic Flight Information System (EFIS) rather than analog dials — this led to blurred terminology. As a result, B737-3/4/500 fitted with EFIS, are often abbreviated to B737 EFIS. It is estimated that there are an average of 1,250 airborne B737 aircraft at any time, with two either taking off or landing every five seconds. Due to the B737's successful history and continued plans for development, the B737 is assured a great future!

Opportunities for B737 EFIS and B737NG Captains, Instructors & First Officers

Numerous B737 EFIS and B737 NG pilot jobs exist around the world, reflecting the success of the B737 as the best-selling jet airliner of all time. As at August 2012, 7,283 B737 aircraft have been delivered and there are 2,759 current orders outstanding.

B737 pilot contracts offer great pay, commuting & non commuting options, comprehensive insurance, and per diems. Generous travel benefits for monthly days off are also available. Rishworth Aviation provides flight crew with quality up-to-date pre-screening support and advice, and great on-contract support. Rishworth also provides you with both (at no cost to you) Worldwide Medical Insurance cover AND Personal Accident and Illness (Loss of Income / Income Protection) Insurance – both policies being market-leading insurances.

Find out where B737 Jobs can take you…

With exciting B737 Jobs in Japan, Africa, Korea, Indonesia, China, India, and the South Pacific, the opportunities for B737 pilots are fantastic!  Click here to find out more about some of these wonderful locations.

There are 7 jobs featured in BOEING B737 PILOT JOBS.

Click 'More' on the jobs below to review more information or to see if you can apply.

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    SF Airlines B737EFIS Captains - Immediate Requirements!
    Contract Term: 5 years, renewable
    Location/Base: Shenzhen, China
    Ref #: 1787
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    B737NG Command Upgrade Program - Lion Air
    Contract Term: 5 year contract
    Location/Base: Jakarta or Bali
    Ref #: 990
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    Skymark Airlines B737NG Non Type Rated Captains - Urgent Requirements!
    Contract Term: 3 years, renewable
    Location/Base: Tokyo, Japan - with commute home each month
    Ref #: 570
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    Skymark Airlines B737NG Captains - Urgent Requirements!
    Contract Term: 3 years, renewable
    Location/Base: Tokyo, Japan - with commute home each month
    Ref #: 129
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    OK Airways B737 EFIS/NG Captains - Excellent Pay & Benefits!
    Contract Term: 3 years or 5 years - renewable
    Location/Base: Tianjin or Beijing, China
    Ref #: 124
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    Fiji Airways B737NG First Officers
    Contract Term: 3 year, renewable
    Location/Base: Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland or Los Angeles
    Ref #: 1232
  • MORE
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    Fiji Airways B737NG Captains
    Contract Term: 3 years, renewable
    Location/Base: Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland or Los Angeles
    Ref #: 1231

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