B787 Dreamliner Flight Crew


Rishworth’s European Director, Captain Torkel Waak, said: “It is a significant milestone in the Rishworth business to be recruiting pilots for the Boeing 787, the newest and most advanced airliner in the world.   We are very excited about working with Norwegian, and look forward to providing the highest calibre professional aircrew to support Norwegian’s long-haul expansion”.


The Boeing B787 Dreamliner


The Boeing B787 Dreamliner seats 210 to 290 passengers and is the company's most fuel-efficient airliner and the world's first major airliner to use composite materials for most of its construction. The longest range B787 variant can fly 8,000 to 8,500 nautical miles (15,000 to 15,700 km), enough to cover the Los Angeles to Bangkok or New York City to Hong Kong routes.

The first B787 Dreamliner was unveiled in a roll-out ceremony on July 8, 2007 at Boeing's Everett assembly factory, by which time it had reached 677 orders; this is more orders from launch to roll-out than any previous wide-body airliner. On October 26, 2011, the B787 flew its first commercial flight from Narita to Hong Kong and today has 851 confirmed orders.

Boeing B787 Pilot Testimonials

"I just wanted to say thanks for your support in getting me into Norwegian Long Haul. I did my first flight last week, and honestly, the B787 is an AMAZING aircraft to fly. On top of that, the atmosphere in the Company is just fantastic." First Officer Lieven De Coster - 787 Norwegian Long Haul

"Norwegian allows me, as a professional pilot, to regain the enthusiasm and loyalty that one has at the start of one's career. I feel listened to, wanted, and an important member of the overall team. Not just a piece of the jigsaw, but a binding part of its main ingredient." "It is evident that Norwegian does not want drones to sit in the flight deck. They want team members. Members who are actively encouraged to become central players in this amazingly expanding, professional, and well run airline." "My feeling about Norwegian is that it is the Virgin Atlantic of the 21st century. That breath of fresh air that Virgin brought to aviation, whether in the flight deck or cabin for professionals or for the travelling public, we now have. Virgin fought and beat BA and the majors. But 30 years on, are now just another legacy carrier. We however have it all - a young and enthusiastic crew, extremely happy passengers (I know, because I speak to them) and a fabulous airplane going to great destinations. This is our time." "The 787 Dreamliner, is aptly named. It is a dream to fly. And it's not just the airplane, it's the whole package that's on offer. Where do I start? Airplane, routes, long haul, great cabin crew and atmosphere, a management style unique to most of us, fabulous stable roster, and a competitive salary. Normally to get one or two of these things is fabulous, but all? Well I feel I've hit the jackpot" Captain John Woolfson - 787 Norwegian Long Haul



Boeing B787 Dreamliner Pilot Jobs for Boeing type rated Captains, Relief Captains and First Officers

Boeing B787 Dreamliner Pilot Jobs

Rishworth Aviation is currently recruiting qualified pilots for Boeing B787 Dreamliner Pilot Jobs. B787 Captains, Relief Captains and First Officers are eagerly sought after for Norwegian Long Haul pilot jobs.  B777 / B767 / B757 / B744 / B737 Type Rated pilots please apply below.


Rishworth Aviation is looking for experienced Boeing Pilots


Minimum requirements for Norwegian B787 Dreamliner pilot jobs

  • JAA/EASA Licence
  • JAA/EASA Medical Class one
  • Non type rated/current B787 pilots need to provide a training cost bond

Preference will be given to pilots with long haul experience especially from Boeing B777.

Screenings are to be held throughout 2016.

Norwegian orders Boeing's largest single order of Dreamliners by any European Carrier


Norwegian's latest order of 19 more Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners over the next five years will bring the leading low-cost long-haul carriers Dreamliner fleet to a total of 38 by 2020.

This is Boeing’s largest single order of Dreamliners by any European carrier, with the options of a further 10 of the type. The first of the 19 B787-9’s deliveries to commence in 2017. Norwegian has 4 B787-9’s from the original order being delivered in 2016 with an additional 9 now arriving in 2017, 7 in 2018 and 5 each in 2019 and 2020.

Norwegian Long Haul B787 recruitment is already underway for 2017 for Captain, Relief Captain and First Officer.

Don’t miss out on the 2017 recruitment!

Don't miss out on your opportunity to join the World's best low cost, long haul airline awarded by the prestigious Sky Trax World Airline Awards 2015. Norwegian is looking for Captains, Relief Captains and First Officers to be based at London Gatwick.  

 In addition to London Gatwick and Bangkok, Norwegian will establish new European bases in Amsterdam, Barcelona and Paris.


There are 4 jobs featured in BOEING B787 PILOT JOBS.

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    B787 Relief Captain Norwegian - Type rated & Non Type Rated!
    Contract Term: 3 years renewable with Global Crew.
    Location/Base: London/Gatwick, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bangkok, and Paris.
    Ref #: 1560
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    B787 First Officer Norwegian - Type rated & Non Type Rated!
    Contract Term: 3 years renewable with Global Crew.
    Location/Base: London/Gatwick, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bangkok and Paris.
    Ref #: 1493
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    B787 Captain Norwegian -Type rated & Non Type Rated!
    Contract Term: 3 years renewable with Global Crew.
    Location/Base: London/Gatwick, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bangkok, and Paris.
    Ref #: 1487
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    China Southern B787 Captains - New Roster Patterns!
    Contract Term: 4 years, renewable - Type Rated & Non Type Rated!
    Location/Base: Guangzhou, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Auckland, Vancouver, London (Please enquire about the available bases on your fleet)
    Ref #: 987

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