Using My Portal

Welcome to your personal portal - where you can keep track of your experience, manage your applications and keep up with industry news, and best of all you can customise this page to suit!


Keeping up to date

Your portal allows you to keep your details up to date and ready to apply for positions in only a few easy steps! We have an easier way to manage your applications for each job.  By keeping your details up-to-date, when you apply for a new position, it's a quick and simple process - no more repetitive forms and information, we'll take the hard work out of it for you!  The status bar will let you know how far through your registration you are!


Checking out new Jobs!

Your portal allows you to keep track of new and exciting positions!  Simply click the 'Apply' button for positions for which you meet criteria, and if you don't  yet  meet the criteria, you'll be able to find out some basic details to let you know what you need to achieve to meet the organisation's minimum requirements!

Tracking your Applications

Your portal allows you to monitor which positions you have applied for, and keep an eye on applications which you have yet to complete.




Keep Application Documents up to date

You can also view a record of all the documents which you have uploaded - an easy way to see if you need to update your medical, or last sim check etc.





Headline Acts

Check out our selection of news headlines to personalise your portal!

Interested in a different news feed that's not currently available? Let us know what it is and we'll see what we can do! Keep up to date with local, regional and international news, Airbus & Boeing news, Aviation headlines and Flight Safety news.

Location Location Location

Keen to keep an eye on what's happening at home or at one of your favourite destinations? Choose from a range of widgets: keep an eye on the weather, view a METAR for an international airport, the local time in different cities or exchange rates.


If you require assistance or have any queries please email us.

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