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Aircraft Maintenance Engineer jobs

We are excited to partner with global aviation organizations to offer positions for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. 

Rishworth Aviation has 35 years of experience helping aviation professionals find great new roles. Please apply for any role that interests you and we will be in touch. 

If your organization has a requirement for Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and related personnel, please contact us on, or find out more here >>

Vikesh Nambiar, Engineer (A340)
Azman Air Services
Vikesh Nambiar, Engineer (A340)
Azman Air Services
Rishworth’s team of skilled people understood my requirements and helped me move to Nigeria on short notice. I didn’t believe it would be this easy, but through their help it was a pleasant experience. Rishworth has a strong and dedicated team.
Ref: JO2135
Ref: JO
Ref: JO2103
JO#2103 B1/B2 Engineer - ERJ145

B1/B2 Engineer - ERJ145

Lagos, Nigeria
Expressions of interest!
Ref: JO2121
JO#2121 B1 or B2 Engineer - E195-E2 / E190

B1 or B2 Engineer - E195-E2 / E190

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Ref: JO2095
JO#2095 B1/B2 Engineer - A340

B1/B2 Engineer - A340

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Ref: JO2137
Ref: JO2133
Ref: JO2132
Ref: JO2126
JO#2126 B2 LAME ATR 42/72

B2 LAME ATR 42/72

Brisbane, Australia
Ref: JO2124
Ref: JO2120
Ref: JO2113
JO#2113 ATR42/72 B1/B2 LAME

ATR42/72 B1/B2 LAME

Townsville, Queensland, Australia

About Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Jobs

Rishworth Aviation partners with global aviation companies for the recruitment of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AME), and Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (LAME), on a wide range of aircraft types. We also often seek related personnel for roles such as Supervisors for Aircraft Maintenance Checks, Quality Inspectors, Heads of Maintenance, and more.

According to Boeing, an additional 739,000 aviation technicians will be required in the coming years, mostly in the Asia-Pacific region. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are likely to remain in demand, and we therefore encourage you to connect with us to stay up to date with any new opportunities.

We partner with the following airlines to provide Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Jobs:

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Jobs at Air Peace >>

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Jobs at Azman Air >>

We also partner with several confidential aviation companies. 

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