Base Manager

Based in Oceania, the position will work closely to the CEO to manage the base, facilities and business in accordance with business directions and company policies.

The position will contribute at a strategic and operational level to statutory compliance and company policies, business and management decision-making.

  • Managing company facilities including accommodation, mess, terminal, hanger and office work space.
  • Supervising all functional managers who are on the same base including immigration and government relation matters.
  • The position is to seek business opportunities to develop and expand the operation
  • In conjunction with the Chief Engineer, the Maintenance Controller and SBE F/W and R/W ensure effective planning of resources and maintenance whilst maintaining contract compliance.
  • Provide responses to audit findings and take definitive action develop & implement remedial/corrective action. 
  • Accountable for the most cost effective utilization of manpower and resources to meet the company customer expectations.
  • Co-ordinate all functions including Safety, Security to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, policies, standards and practices.
  • To directly assist and advise the CEO in formulation of policy and in the determination of strategic matters, forward planning and initiatives relevant to the management and development of the Base.
  • To work closely with the Safety and Quality Systems Unit to review, revise and update all AOC and MOC manuals to ensure they accurately reflect the operations. 

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