Ravn Alaska Dash8 First Officers - Type & Non-Type Rated

  • Sector: Pilots
  • Rank: First Officer
  • Fleet: Dash 8
  • Company: Ravn Alaska
  • Job Ref: BH_374000

This job is based in the US.

We are excited to offer positions on the Dash8 Q100/300 for First Officers with Ravn Alaska. Type rated and non-type rated position are available. 

Non-Type Rated Pilots will be sponsored to complete a type rating (no bond).  

Ground school dates are in April & May, so apply now to secure your interview slot. 

Please note: To apply must have a valid US Passport and the ability to fly in and out of the US, including Canada

Benefits include:

  • Competitive pay
  • Type Rated candidates will be offered a Joining Bonus
  • Annual pay increases yearly
  • Health & Life Insurance (Dental and Vision incl)
  • Future career opportunities with possibility to transition to a Jet
  • Commuting may become an option in the future
  • Preferential bidding system, based on seniority

Support provided by Rishworth Aviation:
  • Accommodation support throughout the interview process in Anchorage 
  • A representative from Rishworth Aviation will be available in Anchorage during the interview process 

Minimum Experience
  • Must meet the applicable Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) minimums as specified in 14 CFR Part 61 for either an ATP or Restricted ATP (R-ATP).
  • Must have a valid First Class Medical.
  • Must possess relevant ratings to operate a Part 121 Aircraft
  • Must possess an Airline Transport Pilot License
  • Must have a valid US Passport and the ability to fly in and out of the US, including Canada
Other Requirements:
  • Must be located in Anchorage, Alaska or be willing to relocate within 30 days if not already residing within one (1) hour of Anchorage
  • Please note that Alaska flying conditions can be challenging, thus flexibility and agility are key for this role. 

Apply now!

Regrettably, only shortlisted will be contacted.