Asiana Airlines Offer Attractive New Contract Terms!

Giving you even more reason to fly for Rishworth Aviation's valued airline client Asiana Airlines, the carrier has just released attractive new contract terms. Don't miss out - read on for further information!

Rishworth Aviation is pleased to advise that our valued airline client Asiana Airlines has just announced new, attractive terms. Detailed below, these new terms make jobs with Asiana and Rishworth Aviation even more appealing. Here is a summary of the changes:

For all First Officers

    • USD 30,000 bonus paid in instalments;
    • Business class travel on a seat available basis;
    • Aircraft transition opportunity available after 3 years.

For A330 Captains

    • Increased pay (Please view job link below for further details).

For all Captains

    • Aircraft transition opportunity available after 3 years.

Please check out the jobs below with Asiana to find out more. 

Asiana Airlines - A380 Captain / A380 First Officer

Asiana Airlines - A330 Captain / A330 First Officer

Asiana Airlines - A320 Captain / A320 First Officer

Asiana Airlines - B744 Captain / B744 First Officer

Asiana Airlines - B767 Captain / B767 First Officer

Asiana Airlines - B777 First Officer

Now is a great time to get on board and join this award-winning airline!

Rishworth Aviation has partnered with Asiana Airlines for over 10 years offering Captain and First Officer opportunities on A380, A330, A320, B767, B744, B777 aircraft, and has the largest group of expatriate pilots flying with the airline. View our Asiana pilot job opportunities page and Asiana video here. 

Want to learn more about flying for Asiana? 

Rishworth Aviation has more than 20 years’ experience working in Korea. Our team will provide you with an in-depth understanding of what is needed to best adapt and succeed while working for an airline in this market. We pride ourselves on providing excellent support to our pilots from the initial application stage, to attending screenings, right through to your time flying for the airline. 

Apply today for more information about flying for Asiana Airlines.   

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