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Great company culture, plenty of opportunities for growth, and fantastic bases in Indonesia are just a few reasons why pilots love flying with Wings Air through Rishworth Aviation.

Captain Paolo Di Giorgio is a ATR72-600 Captain with Wings Air, Indonesia. This is his second assignment with Rishworth Aviation, moving from flying for Garuda Indonesia to Wings Air. He chats to us about the excellent opportunities available with this growing airline.



What attracted you to join Wings Air?

The possibility to choose Bali as my home base was one of the first reasons to join the airline. After this I considered also the good things I knew about Wings Air, and the possibility to be upgraded as TRI and develop my professional skills. They also offer good contracts and insurance via Rishworth, as well as flying to many destinations, a good company culture, being a growing airline, and flying a large number of hours (which I need in this stage of my career).


How have you found being on assignment with Rishworth Aviation?

I'm really happy to work in collaboration with Rishworth, and I'm not talking just about contract and benefits. I appreciate the feeling to be constantly supported and helped. When something happens or when I have doubts, I always have fast and appropriate feedback.

After almost three years the feeling is that the people I’m connected with at Rishworth are more like old friends, as we speak about families and normal life things sometimes. I really like this, and this is also the reason why I preferred to work at Wings with Rishworth.



What is it about Indonesia that you enjoy so much?

Being a Captain in Indonesia is more or less like working in Europe 30 years ago or more, people always consider you with the maximum respect and courtesy. In Indonesia what I see during my flights is amazing. Beautiful landscapes, remote islands, amazing places to visit.

So let's say: interesting job, exotic places, smiling and kind people, low cost of life and possibility to save money for the future (that is something almost too difficult to do in Europe now). Expat life can be really good.

What do you enjoy most about being based in Bali?

I like the atmosphere of Bali a lot. As soon as you enter in the airport terminal you can hear the traditional music and smell the exotic aroma of incense, which makes me feel at peace. Bali is a special place, and so different from the rest of Indonesia.

You can find everything you need, including restaurants, shops, and places to practice your hobbies in your spare time. You can also visit amazing places and have fantastic experiences.

There are always many tourists in Bali - it's like you can breathe their "holidays positive spirit". Another nice thing is that in the last two months I’ve already received a visit from my family and several friends from Italy. 

Top things to experience in Bali

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Top 5 Things to experience in Bali 

1. Tanah Lot Temple 

One of Bali's most iconic landmarks. This temple is famed for its unique architecture and is surrounded by Bali's beautiful seas and sunset backdrops. 

2. Sekumpul waterfalls

Said to be the most beautiful waterfall in Bali. After a bit of hiking and tramping, travelers are rewarded with a breathtaking and tranquil scenery.

3. Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

Owned by the village of Ubud, the monkey forest is an important spiritual, economic, educational, and conservation center. It is home to over 700 monkeys.

4. Jatiluwih Green Land

Beautiful contoured rice terraces, irrigated with a sophisticated water system developed by the local Bali farmers. A delightful scenic drive compliments the experience.

5. Bali Beaches 

The Indonesian island is famous for its rich assortment of beaches and coral reefs. Perfect for surfing or simply relaxing, Bali's beaches range from the likes of white sandy beaches in Nusa Dua, Kuta and Sanur, to cliff guarded and rocky shores of Padang Padang, Uluwatu, Bingin and Dreamland. 

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