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One of the best reasons to fly for Wings Air is the opportunity immerse yourself in the vibrant life and culture in beautiful Bali, which offers a fantastic lifestyle and large expat community.

Captain Paolo Di Giorgio is a ATR72-600 Captain with Wings Air, Indonesia. He’s been living in Indonesia since 2014, and took some time to tell us what he loves about being on assignment in the island paradise of Bali for Wings Air. 

What do you enjoy most about being based in Bali?

I like the atmosphere of Bali a lot. As soon as you enter the airport terminal you can hear the traditional music and smell the exotic aroma of incense, which makes me feel at peace. Bali is a special place, and so different from the rest of Indonesia.

You can find everything you need, including restaurants, shops, and places to practice your hobbies in your spare time. You can also visit amazing places and have fantastic experiences.

There are always many tourists in Bali - it's like you can breathe their 'positive holidays spirit'. Another nice thing is that in the last two months I’ve already received a visit from my family and several friends from Italy.

What are your favorite things to do in Bali?

In Bali,  except for skiing in the snow, you can do almost everything. I fill my days off with going to fitness clubs, the beach or staying at home enjoying my own swimming pool, visiting temples, national parks or maybe go fishing. There are eating and shopping opportunities in abundance! Another amazing thing that we usually do is to go to the spa and massage shops, the best way to relax after a week flying.

What kind of accommodation can you rent in Bali, and how much does it cost?

Everything you need you can find: small studios or apartments in a hotel or residential complex, including all the services, independent apartments, and houses or villas up to 4 bedrooms. Normally they are all furnished but you can find also find unfurnished if you want (like me), to buy the beautiful and precious handmade wooden furniture to bring back to your home country.

To rent a house Bali, compared to the other locations in Indonesia, is more expensive, but the quality and the standards are much better. The most well-known places to find a house or flat in Bali are mainly Seminyak and Kuta (in the centre of the tourist business), Sanur (on the east coast), Nusa Dua and Canggu.

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Tell us a bit about the expatriate community in Bali

In Bali there are a lot of expats almost everywhere, and most of them are tourists, but there are also a lot of residents doing business or retired people. Somebody told me there are around 30,000 expats on the island from around the world.

Making friends is really easy, both with foreigners and Balinese people. There is a positive spirit in this land that makes people happy and gives them a friendly attitude.

You have recently purchased a flying boat. Tell us a bit more about this and how you will use it.

Like all the “old children” sometimes I need a new toy too! In Italy I loved sportive cars and fast motorbikes, here in Bali it makes no sense to have them, but I found something that will be a wonderful hobby according to an old dream of mine.

The “Flying Boat” is an amphibious ultralight airplane, a kind of mixing of a hang glider with a small fibreglass boat for 2 passengers and a Rotax engine all together. The dream is that during my holidays I could explore Indonesian islands with my girlfriend flying around the archipelago, fast and cheap, stopping everywhere we like.

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