Living and working with Wings Air in Indonesia

Captain Sorin Oprea has been on contract with Rishworth Aviation at Wings Air since 2012 and is an ATR72 Type Rating Examiner. He took some time out of his training schedule to talk with Rishworth Aviation about his experiences in Indonesia and with Wings Air.

Captain Oprea is a highly experienced ATR pilot, holding 15,000 hours on turbo-prop aircraft. He has also gathered 13,000 hours on the ATR72 and ATR42 as TRI/TRE, and 4,000 hours on ATR simulators as SFI/SFE.

After spending 28 years flying in his native Romania for TAROM, in 2012 Capt. Oprea took the opportunity to work with Rishworth Aviation for Wings Air in Indonesia. “I was eager to have new experiences and I knew that Indonesia was a nice destination with beautiful islands and places to see”.  

Moving from Europe to South-East Asia was made easy through the great team at Wings Air, and the friendly Indonesian culture. “From the first day I met the team management of Wings Air, I had the feeling that I am in the right place, another home for me. I was totally right! They are very professional, friendly, and ready to assist and help you whenever you need. It is a pleasure to work with them. It’s already been 6 years since I’ve been working with Wings. It means very much to me!”

 Captain Oprea has been enjoying working with Wings Air

To assist with the move to Indonesia, Rishworth Aviation provides in-country support representatives in Jakarta to answer any questions and assist with the transition to Wings Air. Rishworth Aviation also has an experienced team in New Zealand to support you with your application and during your time on assignment. “The entire Rishworth Aviation staff is very friendly and ready to assist you. It is the best organization you can work with. I recommend Rishworth Aviation as a professional experienced and trusted organization”.

In the bustling capital of Jakarta, Captain Oprea enjoys the interesting city landmarks and easy access to discovering other parts of Indonesia. “The positive spirit of the Indonesian land makes people happy and gives them a friendly attitude”.

Even though Captain Oprea is now working in Indonesia, he encourages people to visit his native Romania, “Transylvania has incredible landscapes, caves, old traditional villages, and amazing food. You shouldn’t miss it!”. Of course, the most popular thing that many people all over the world know about Romania is the legend of “Dracula”. The castle of Dracula is an attraction for many tourists.”

Costs of living in Jakarta

Jakarta is an affordable city and many pilots working with Wings enjoy the lower costs of living compared to their home countries. Below are some comparisons to other popular locations:  

Compared to London

Compared to Los Angeles

Compared to Paris

Compared to Seoul

Rent prices are 75% lower

Rent prices are 72% lower

Rent prices are 62% lower

Rent prices are 48% lower

Grocery prices are 28% lower

Grocery prices 40% lower

Groceries prices are 44% lower

Groceries prices are 56% lower

Private kindergarten tuition fees are 94% lower

Private kindergarten tuition fees are 90% lower

Private kindergarten tuition fees are 90% lower

Private kindergarten tuition fees are 83% lower

Source: Numbeo

Rishworth Aviation currently has excellent opportunities available on the ATR72 500/600 as Captain, TRI, and TRE. Apply today to take advantage of these exciting opportunities to fly with Wings Air, based in either the vibrant city of Jakarta or the beautiful island of Bali.  

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