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See what our pilots have to say about Vietnam Airlines and working with Rishworth Aviation:

"I have been working at Vietnam Airlines as a First Officer on an A321 aircraft. I have found Rishworth Aviation very professional and supportive, following me step by step in my new flight career. I find Vietnam Airlines a very professional and well organized company and I am enjoying working with crew of various nationalities. As the company's growth continues I hope to be upgraded in seat or fleet soon. I am based in Hanoi, which is a very interesting city, where local and international cultures are interconnected."

- A321 First Officer Domeniconi 

"I fly the A321 as a First Officer for Vietnam Airlines, and am based in Hanoi. Tay Ho is a pleasant place for expats to live, with nice restaurants, gyms and a great social life etc. I have lived here for about a year now and I can recommend this contract to everyone. Flying in this area is very nice and easy, it is less stressful than in Europe, and you can fly approaches like VOR, visual or circling here, which makes the job more interesting. During the dry season it is like flying in paradise. Upgrades to captain or to the A350 or B787 fleet are possible as well. Rishworth has helped me very much since the beginning, and from the first contact with agency it took only two months to join the company." 

- A321 First Officer Subin

"I have been working with Vietnam Airlines for 15 months, after being in the aviation industry for many years. What makes Vietnam different? Among many things; stability, respect of the contract, simplicity, safety and great fellowship at work! My current base is the city of Hanoi, where thousands of tourists come every year to visit. It is modern, yet steeped in history, French-style colonial homes, natural parks within the city and is a safe place to live. When I came here I was surprise how Captain Randy from Rishworth received us - he was very professional, with a detailed briefing on what to expect in our new job. Rishworth Aviation was my best option for sure."

- ATR72 Captain Martinez

"After flying for more than 20 years in Mexico I decided to take the big step and become an expat pilot. I have found in Vietnam Airlines a solid company with expansion plans that can assure me a stable job in the coming years. The working atmosphere is cordial and fulfilling, as you fly both with expat and local pilots. Hanoi has turned out to be a great place to settle down, depending on your needs, you will find the correct place to establish alone or with your family. Also, its numerous parks and lakes provide this beautiful town with a distinctive attraction - you can ride next to them on your bike or motorbike, and enjoy a coffee or coconut, admiring the sunset along with the city's skyline. There are numerous international schools and Rishworth's medical assistance will provide you with top level medical service, at one of the most renowned clinics in Hanoi. I've had a very good experience working with Rishworth, they have always assisted me with my needs, and I strongly recommend working with them!"

- A321 Captain Cuevas

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