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J.Lara The RAL team is very helpful at any time! They are within reach at all times during the process, and I always found in RAL an answer and a solution to my questions. Here in Hanoi, life is very easy. The people are very friendly and try to help every time despite the language barrier sometimes. In this area of Tay Ho, where most of the expats live, you have a bar, a cafe or a restaurant every 20 meters. In Vietnam Airlines, you fly a lot, but the operation is relaxed, everybody knows what they have to do, and they do it. The network is very interesting, especially for the pilots coming from outside Asia. The crew on board are very friendly, the first officers are well prepared and personally they help me a lot. I'm really enjoying my time here and I'm sure my family and friends/colleague coming soon will enjoy it as well.

J.Lara, Captain (A320), Vietnam Airlines

S.Martinez I have been working with Vietnam Airlines for 15 months, after being in the aviation industry for many years. What makes Vietnam different? Among many things; stability, respect of the contract, simplicity, safety and great fellowship at work! My current base is the city of Hanoi, where thousands of tourists come every year to visit. It is modern, yet steeped in history, French-style colonial homes, natural parks within the city and is a safe place to live. When I came here I was surprise how Captain Randy from Rishworth received us - he was very professional, with a detailed briefing on what to expect in our new job. Rishworth Aviation was my best option for sure.

S.Martinez, Captain (ATR72), Vietnam Airlines

A.Domeniconi I have been working at Vietnam Airlines as a First Officer on an A321 aircraft. I have found Rishworth Aviation very professional and supportive, following me step by step in my new flight career. I find Vietnam Airlines a very professional and well organized company and I am enjoying working with crew of various nationalities. As the company's growth continues I hope to be upgraded in seat or fleet soon. I am based in Hanoi, which is a very interesting city, where local and international cultures are interconnected.

A.Domeniconi, First Officer (A321), Vietnam Airlines

D.Piquemal So far I love being and flying here. Indonesian people are really lovely and it is a delight to work with them!

D.Piquemal, Captain (ATR72), Garuda Indonesia

G.Cuevas After flying for more than 20 years in Mexico I decided to take the big step and become an expat pilot. I have found in Vietnam Airlines a solid company with expansion plans that can assure me a stable job in the coming years. The working atmosphere is cordial and fulfilling, as you fly both with expat and local pilots. Hanoi has turned out to be a great place to settle down, depending on your needs, you will find the correct place to establish alone or with your family. Also, its numerous parks and lakes provide this beautiful town with a distinctive attraction - you can ride next to them on your bike or motorbike, and enjoy a coffee or coconut, admiring the sunset along with the city's skyline. There are numerous international schools and Rishworth's medical assistance will provide you with top level medical service, at one of the most renowned clinics in Hanoi. I've had a very good experience working with Rishworth, they have always assisted me with my needs, and I strongly recommend working with them!

G.Cuevas, Captain (A321), Vietnam Airlines

G.Nyamodi In Rishworth Aviation I have found efficiency, integrity and a partner, ready and willing to be of assistance in every way. I enjoy every minute of flying for Garuda Indonesia in the CRJ 1000 Next Gen, which is the top of the range model in the CRJ Series. Indonesian people are the friendliest and most hospitable people I have ever come across and have made each minute of my presence here a real pleasure. To any pilot considering a contract with Rishworth Aviation and Garuda Indonesia, I offer my unreserved recommendation.

G.Nyamodi, Captain (CRJ1000), Garuda Indonesia

I.Subin I fly the A321 as a First Officer for Vietnam Airlines, and am based in Hanoi. Tay Ho is a pleasant place for expats to live, with nice restaurants, gyms and a great social life etc. I have lived here for about a year now and I can recommend this contract to everyone. Flying in this area is very nice and easy, it is less stressful than in Europe, and you can fly approaches like VOR, visual or circling here, which makes the job more interesting. During the dry season it is like flying in paradise. Upgrades to captain or to the A350 or B787 fleet are possible as well. Rishworth has helped me very much since the beginning, and from the first contact with agency it took only two months to join the company.

I.Subin, First Officer (A321), Vietnam Airlines

G.Menguez I have been working for Garuda Indonesia through Rishworth Aviation now for 8 months, since Oct 2014 and I have only good things to say from both, Garuda Indonesia and Rishworth Aviation. Rishworth Aviation has always been very supportive from the beginning of the screening process, giving all of us pilots very good and important hints, and still is. Rishworth Aviation staff will always try to help you and guide you in order to make you success and make this great adventure as pleasurable both professionally and personally as possible. Garuda Indonesia staff is unbeatable; they are professional, proactive and willing to go the extra mile.

G.Menguez, First Officer (ATR72), Garuda Indonesia

W.Hoyos I have been working in Indonesia less than a year and it has been a very rewarding experience to know this beautiful country and this prestigious company. What impresses me most about Indonesia is the warmth of its people, especially within the company where we are treated with respect and consideration.

W.Hoyos, Captain (ATR72), Garuda Indonesia

B. Shockley Rishworth's support during my tenure at Korean Air has been excellent. Their staff are professional, knowledgeable and has a working relationship with Korean Air management. From the application process, screening, and now flying the line I have been completely satisfied with the job they do on my behalf. They have my complete confidence and I highly recommend joining Korean Air with Rishworth.

B. Shockley, First Officer (A330), Korean Air

C. Cartagena I do not take career decisions lightly, this is why for the last 2 years I've known I made the right choice to join Rishworth. In this volatile worldwide airline industry you need the support of a reliable and trustworthy company to back you up when you most need it. That is exactly what I have got from Rishworth through their professionalism, personal attention to my needs, and high standards of service. I strongly recommend Rishworth to future pilots around the world.

C. Cartagena, Captain (A320), Asiana Airlines

C. Friedl I am currently a Captain on the Airbus 319 working for Deer Airlines living in Sanya, China. Before coming to China I was apprehensive about what it would be like to live in another country and work for a foreign airline. With the guidance of the Foreign Chief Pilot, to the welcome dinner from the Chairman of the airline, it is refreshing to be treated as a professional and with respect. Since arriving in China I found the people at Deer Airlines to be are very friendly and helpful. When it came time to move to Sanya, Jim from Rishworth was a tremendous help on getting me set up in an apartment and making sure he was available to help me if I had any problems. Flying the line has been easier then I anticipated with the English speaking cockpit crews and ATC. The cabin crews are young and enthusiastic with good attitudes that are hard to find in the United States. The 6 week on 2 week off schedule is very flexible, so the ability to go back home or travel is at your leisure. Flying trips where you are home every night reduces the amount of fatigue on the body and makes you wonder how you ever put up with doing four day trips. Living in Sanya is inexpensive and laid back. The air pollution is one of the lowest levels in China. The three different beach areas allow plenty of opportunity for rest and relaxation. The expat community in Sanya is small but very well connected. Overall working for Deer Airlines has been a very positive experience. I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a new adventure.

C. Friedl, A320 Captain, Beijing Capital Airlines (formerly Deer Air)

Capt Diego Lopez I want to thank Rishworth for this great opportunity of working in Morocco for the past eight years, it has been a wonderful period of my life that I will never forget. It has been amazing the experience of working and sharing with people from all over the world, for sure this contributed a lot to my professional and personal development. I am also very grateful to RAM Express for opening its doors to me and my family, it has been three years of excellent treatment and consideration, not only as a crew member but also as a human being. I have no words to thank every one here.

Capt Diego Lopez, ATR72 Captain, RAM Express

Capt. Alvaro Franco Herrera All the airline staff have treated me with courtesy and respect and I have already made a number of friends in the short period I have been here. The schedules are quite comfortable and the airplanes have excellent maintenance by Lufthansa's engineers. The Chief Pilot, Fleet Manager, Director of Training and just about everyone else, locals and expats have been very friendly and helping me find a place to live and showing me around the city. Before joining Rishworth Aviation I had been both a direct employee with Airlines in America, Asia and the Middle East but by far the contract that Rishworth got me in Africa has been the best of all.

Capt. Alvaro Franco Herrera, CRJ200 Captain

B. Broyles I joined Rishworth Aviation and Deer Air in December 2008. Deer Air is a high growth carrier within the larger Hainan Airline Group. Hainan Airlines is the 4th largest airline in China. The Chinese Pilots here are clearly some of the best in the world. Our First Officers are very professional, well trained and fly to perfection. Our schedules are efficient and do not include any nights away from base. This is truly a Captains Airline. Both Deer Air and Rishworth have been outstanding to the Contract Foreign Pilots here. Rishworth has a very effective Management Team in China to ensure unrivalled service to both the Pilots and the Airline.

B. Broyles, A320 Captain, Beijing Capital Airlines (formerly Deer Air)

D. Kumar I have been with Rishworth for over 6 years and am currently on contract to Vietnam Airlines. During this period, I have found Rishworth to be very professional and pro-active. They are helpful and understanding. Their quick response and friendly staff make them a pleasure to work with. I recommend Rishworth to anyone venturing into the world of contract aviation. You will be in very good and safe hands!

D. Kumar, Captain & TRI (A320), Vietnam Airlines

B. Hempel Rishworth was so extremely helpful in getting me the job in the first place. My family and I were in a bit of a bind after a group of us lost our jobs with no notice. The contract being offered so quickly was a godsend...

B. Hempel, First Officer (B737NG), Pacific Blue

T. Knapp Rishworth provided me with great support and guidance from the application period until the end of my contract. Everytime I had a question about something, Rishworth was right there with an answer for me. Working for Vietnam Airlines was a great experience. Everybody was great to work with, from the van drivers to upper management. I am so glad I was able to experience the different kind of flying and working with so many different nationalities that I would have never encountered in the US. If anyone was looking to get into contract flying I would recommend going with Rishworth Aviation.

T. Knapp, ex Captain (A320), Vietnam Airlines

First of all I would like to say that Jakarta is a great place to live. My wife and I really like Jakarta because there are a few things that are really important when you move from your hometown to another place that are going to make you feel at home. The locals are really friendly - sometimes the language could be a barrier but they do their best to help you out. The city is clean and you find whatever you want or need, making Jakarta my second home. Flying for Wings Air has also been such a great expirience. They try to help you to enjoy your time here, making my stay in jakarta pleasant and easy. Their ATRs are brand new - they’re kept clean and well maintained and we get to fly around Indonesia where all the islands are beautiful, making each landing a delight for the view of those who love nature. Flying here is fantastic!

ATR 72 Captain, Wings Air

Byron Thornely I have been with Rishworth / Vietnam Airlines now for 6 weeks as a First Officer on the A330 based in Hanoi. I have my family with me and coming from Australia it was all a bit of an unknown but is working out well and all are enjoying themselves. I can say the experience has been positive and all the team at Rishworth have been proactive with the transition to Vietnam Airlines and life in Vietnam. They appear to have a good working relationship with Vietnam Airlines. My meetings with Vietnam Airlines and Vietnamese people in general has been a very pleasant experience. They are very proud of their airline and country, and have good reason to be. Overall it is a very relaxed working environment with the minimum of fuss. I am happy here with Rishworth and Vietnam Airlines and feel privileged to be involved with both.

Byron Thornely, First Officer (A330), Vietnam Airlines

Captain Pera Working with Rishworth has been excellent - the consultants are all pleasant and very helpful, and have offered outstanding advice and opportunities. They helped me through the Air India screening, making sure everything went smoothly, and I am very pleased with the result. Throughout my contract, Rishworth has provided a high quality service, founded in their strong sense of professionalism, integrity and expertise. They have built lasting relationships with myself and many other pilots I know, helping and supporting us to achieve our objectives.

Captain Pera, Captain (B747-400), Air India Charter Ltd

Captain Zafeirakis Charalampos My collaboration with the company started 2 years ago by offering me a contract in Africa. From that moment, I really enjoy the astonishing cooperation characterized by professionalism, understanding and very efficient consistent support and fair representation of me.I really enjoy flying over Africa, and at the same moment the extent of professionalism and unbiased standards that Rishworth offers.I sincerely appreciate their responsiveness in my requests and the professional and friendly way they treat me at all cases during these two years.I feel that this relationship will last many years as I always rely on the dependable services offered by Rishworth in order to take a critical decision for my future as an Airline pilot.

Captain Zafeirakis Charalampos, B735 Captain

E. Olmeda Working with Rishworth has been a great experience, they will assist you throughout the screening process and make it easier. They will guide you step by step and give you the most useful information for your screening process and about living in Korea, as well as other relevant information. I really recommend working with Rishworth Aviation.

E. Olmeda, First Officer (A320), Asiana Airlines

Epifanio Hernandez Gutierrez My integration to Vietnam Airlines has been easy and comfortable, thanks to the help and support of Rishworth Aviation (RAL). Since the first talks before arriving in Vietnam, you can feel RAL's organization and professionalism. RAL have the presence in the country of qualified professionals, so the communication can be quick, personal and direct without misunderstandings between the airline company and the pilots. One of their professionals is their Pilots Support Representative, Captain Rick Nardine. Rick is a VNA senior pilot, established in Vietnam for a very long time. He contacted me on the first day, and kindly offered all information that I needed, as well as any help for my family regarding schools, scholarships, hospitals and medical resources available - very useful when you arrive in a new country. During all my 4+ years in VNA, Rick has always demonstrated a high interest for my personal and professional status, offering advice and solutions when I needed. For all this, in my opinion Rishworth is the best option for professional pilots at Vietnam Airlines and in this part of the world.

Epifanio Hernandez Gutierrez, Captain (ATR72), Vietnam Airlines

F. Garcia I have been working with Rishworth as a Captain in Skymark Airlines for the better part of 5 years now, going on my second contract, and I have to say I couldn’t be any happier. The support I have gotten from them when I needed it , and the personal contact with Paul, Tera san and everyone else has been great. My family lives with me here in Tokyo, kids now speak three languages fluently and they’re still 11! We are very happy to enjoy this awesome city and the great quality of life it gives us. Safety, cleanliness, attention to detail and the best service in the world are normal here, as is the politeness and kindness of the Japanese people.

F. Garcia, Captain (B737NG), Skymark Airlines

G. Timofeev Hello my name is George! I'm from Russia, flying as a A321 Captain for Vietnam Airlines since 2015. Flying in Vietnam is a great opportunity to get Asia flight experience, find new friends from around the globe and join the team in this aspiring airline. Rishworth are good guys, friendly and ready to help any time. I recommend Vietnam for pilots who are open for new opportunities.

G. Timofeev, Captain (A321), Vietnam Airlines

I. Aboulhoson To show you with 4 lines what I feel about Rishworth Aviation will not be enough. But I can tell you that I feel excellent to be represented by Rishworth Aviation. I was receiving a great support from Rishworth in all the process of my selection and the received aid for the documentation required to be selected on Regional Airlines and I am thankful for the team of people who help myself. Thank you very much.

I. Aboulhoson, ATR 42 First Officer, Regional Airlines

J Harder I've been with Rishworth Aviation for over a year here in Shanghai. Their attention to detail in settling me and family here was immeasurable. Jim, the Rishworth rep here in Shanghai was instrumental in negotiating our living arrangements and was very helpful with advice about living here. All other aspects have been top quality with Rishworth from on time payments to help in settling medical claims through their insurance provider. Rishworth really does give a personable service they have always been willing to quickly resolve any issues that has crept up.

J Harder, B737NG Captain, Shanghai Airlines

J. Asplund Being part of the Rishworth Team has been a great experience. Their attitude has always been professional and supportive, always ready to assist in short time. It has been a pleasure being on contract at Centralwings.

J. Asplund, First Officer (B737), Central Wings

J. Diaz I am on my second contract with Rishworth Aviation and all I can say is thank you. When you are looking for a job, having the right agent to assist you is essential. The recruitment consultants are very efficient during the recruitment process and on my arrival in Japan, I didn´t find a Rishworth representative, I found a friend. Thank you Tsutomu Terashima san [Rishworth in market representative] for making everything so easy. Is Rishworth the best? I don’t know but they are doing an excellent job for me.

J. Diaz, B737NG Captain, Skymark Airlines

J. Perez Siete 'Welcome to Rishworth Aviation', maybe the first greeting you may receive. From the first moment I approached them there was a sense that the company was working on my behalf and the friendly staff was really interested in helping me and solve all my questions. Choosing the right company was easy since they understood my family needs and mine. Vietnam Airlines was the airline I was looking for so during all the process they were eager to assist me and make it as easier as possible. Since I join the company I have had pretty good support, Rick [Rishworth Aviation’s Pilot Support] has helped me in different occasions since I arrived, he has been willing to support and help me through the first days in Vietnam, we had dinner and he explained to me many facts on VNA and living in Vietnam and Hanoi, always helpful and a good friend. Another plus is Rishworth Aviation provides a great health insurance that you will find it pretty useful. So join Rishworth Aviation and enjoy the good services from a company that knows a lot on pilot recruitment.

J. Perez Siete, Captain (A321), Vietnam Airlines

J. Pooler We are able to bid for, and are almost always granted our requested days at home every month; our flying rosters very rarely change once published; good travel benefits and a clear, unambiguous contract. The airline has solid SOPs and a good safety culture. The Korean First Officers with whom we fly are competent, keen to learn and, despite my lack of conversational Korean, a pleasure to fly with. Flying the Boeing 777 is a most enjoyable and satisfying way to earn a living. I enjoy the contrast of the airspace in which we operate – from the frozen void of the northern polar region to the most complex and busy airspaces in the world. I enjoy managing the challenges presented by the extreme weather conditions we face, from monsoon thunderstorms to the searing heat of a Middle East summer or the brutal cold of a North American or Russian winter. It is a privilege being able to spend time in a wide variety of places, experiencing different cultures and learning about the social, economic and political issues that affect people all over the world. Rishworth Aviation is a highly professional aircrew agency who has our best interests at heart. Rishworth acts as a conduit for any contractual issues which may arise between us and the airline, all of which are dealt with efficiently, effectively and promptly

J. Pooler, Captain (B777), Korean Air

L. Criscuolo Rishworth gave me great support and guidance from the time of my first application until the end of my contract, after six years. Every time I had a question about something, Rishworth was right there with an answer for me. Working for Korean Air was a great opportunity for me, and also a great challenge, because when I joined I was more than 56 and it was my first experience as an expat pilot; but every time I felt uncomfortable with something, Rishworth was there ready to help me! If anyone was looking to get into contract flying I would recommend going with Rishworth Aviation.

L. Criscuolo, Captain (B777), Korean Air

M. Tjon I have enjoyed being part of the Rishworth team and have appreciated the terrific support they have provided me during my time with Nordic Airways. They are a truly professional team and have always been there when needed. I am looking forward to my next contract with Rishworth.

M. Tjon, MD80/90 Captain, Nordic Airways

M. Vincent I would like very much to make a few observations about my time with Rishworth Aviation and give thanks for the opportunity to be able to be part of the Rishworth team for the last four and a half years. Everyone has been so helpful and nothing seems to be a problem. This is particularly admirable when I bear in mind that I am one of very many pilots that you have placed throughout the world. Well done. All in all I could not speak more highly of the wonderful job you guys do there. I have enjoyed my time with Rishworth Aviation and am very grateful for the opportunity to have been part of the Rishworth team working closely with Pacific Blue as it has grown and matured as an airline. I shall always remember my time with Rishworth Aviation with fondness.

M. Vincent, Training Captain (B737NG), Pacific Blue

N. Chandra I have recently joined Fiji Airways as a Captain on the Airbus 330 fleet. Fiji is a wonderful place for employment and lifestyle, the fleet of aircraft is very new and modern and the working environment is very friendly and professional. The block roster patterns are also very convenient for commuting and the destinations are great. As for lifestyle, well, one can only imagine living in the south seas and the variety of activities that could keep you occupied during your down time. This is the first time that I have been employed through a contract agency and I would like to thank the team at Rishworth Aviation Ltd for making the experience very simple and convenient. The entire team at RAL have been extremely efficient and professional and at times gone out of their way to make the process as pleasant as possible. From the time I sent my very first email inquiry until now during the settling in period, they are continuously following up with ongoing support and assistance. I am very thankful that I had Rishworth Aviation Ltd as my representative, and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone seeking their services .

N. Chandra, Captain (A330), Fiji Airways

P. Vaid I was very impressed by the professionalism Rishworth had demonstrated. I got responses to email enquiries within 24 hrs, everyone had been very helpful. I feel Rishworth Aviation is a very professional outfit and I can’t recommend you highly enough. Thank you so much for all your help and assistance!

P. Vaid, B737 First Officer, Jetstar Pacific Vietnam

When I decided to look for an agency to help me make the right career move my priorities were first hand information and efficiency and that's what I found with RAL. Every time I needed information they were always answering all my questions quickly. As for KAL, it was the best step for my career getting the NTR opportunity, flying wide body aircraft keeping my command on a world major Airline with a nice commuting contract.

R. Gomez, Airbus 330 Captain, Korean Air

R. Gutsu To Team Rishworth & those who want to join Rishworth and Asiana: First of all thanks to the Rishworth Team that helped me choose Asiana Airlines, it was the correct decision. Second of all, I now feel part of Team Rishworth, too - we are in touch all the time & Rishworth provides me with various information constantly. Finally, in terms of lifestyle, my family feels more comfortable in Seoul, Korea than in other countries where we have lived before, which is the most important for me. Roman Gutsu & family

R. Gutsu, First Officer (B777), Asiana Airlines

R. Shu KAL is the best airline – flight operations, aircraft maintenance and the level of respect the company gives the pilots. I always tell my colleagues at other airlines that KAL is the best. When I considered applying for KAL I compared Rishworth with other agencies I had dealt with in the past, and Rishworth was the most reliable, plausible company. There are two things that are very important to me and I’m very happy with how Rishworth has managed these 1) Rishworth wire money to my account on time every month, and 2) Rishworths have quality insurance protection at the right price. I feel secure with Rishworths size and I have found them to be a very good agency.

R. Shu, Captain (B747-400), Korean Air

T. Conard I've been in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam since the fall of 2004, and I've loved every minute of it - my wife loves living here, too! I appreciated the assistance given to me by Rishworth Aviation. From the initial screening details to getting settled in, Rishworth and their senior pilot here in Vietnam were there to help me. I chose Rishworth because of the number of Asia contracts they have available. And, the contracts they offer are competitive. One of the major differences between a Rishworth contract and others is the medical/dental/disability insurance package. Flying for Vietnam Airlines has been fun and enjoyable. It's fun flying, quite different from what I'm used to in the U.S. The Vietnamese culture permeates throughout the airline. I'm always treated kindly, with courtesy, and respect. I can recommend Rishworth/Vietnam Airlines to anyone interested in contract flying

T. Conard, ex Captain (A320), Vietnam Airlines

T. Stone I would like to reiterate my gratitude at the opportunity given to me by Rishworth in gaining me my first position on a jet. It is appreciated and I would not hesitate in recommending Rishworth to any pilot looking for employment.

T. Stone, First Officer (B737NG), Pacific Blue

T. Wright I joined Vietnam Airlines on the A330 fleet as an FO 2 years ago, moving from the Middle East. People come to Vietnam for many different reasons, mine being to marry my Vietnamese fiancee and raise a family. I'm very happy with our decision to join Vietnam Airlines. Throughout the process Rishworth were instrumental in providing guidance and advice. They responded quickly and efficiently to all requests and concerns. With the in-country support staff provided by Rishworth there is an added layer of protection and peace of mind. In particular I would like to commend Capt Rick Nardine. Rick has been in Vietnam Airlines for 20 years, has a Vietnamese wife and children. From the moment you first arrive in country Rick will be your guiding hand and welcome you into not only the Rishworth family but your Vietnam Airlines expat family too. If Rick doesn't know something about living and working in Vietnam then it simply isn't worth knowing. When my wife had a motorbike accident Rick and his wife Lanni were there for support. When my wife and I saw the arrival of our baby, Rick and Lanni were there with flowers and congratulations. Whether it be professional or personal advice we can all count on Rick and the Rishworth team for support. Living in Vietnam and working for Vietnam Airlines is rewarding, challenging and fulfilling. Whether you are single or married, commuting or resident, new to the airline game or an old and bold, career or lifestyle focused. There is something for everyone here.

T. Wright, First Officer (A330), Vietnam Airlines