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Explore the 'Land of the Rising Sun'. Rishworth Aviation is currently seeking Type Rated and Non-Type Rated Captains and First Officers for a variety of pilot jobs in Japan.

About Japan

Japan is a unique blend of traditional and modern. It is famous for its food, advances in technology, breathtaking geography, historical landmarks, and the friendliness and politeness of the Japanese people. Japan has one of the world’s lowest crime rates, making it an ideal place to live and raise a family. The opportunities Rishworth Aviation offer, provide you with the chance to either live and work in Japan, or commute.

Working with Rishworth Aviation during your contract in Japan 

Rishworth Aviation has over 25 years' experience, dealing with over 40 international and domestic airlines, spanning 35 countries. More than a decade's experience in Japan has provided us with an in-depth understanding of the issues and challenges facing pilots working for airlines in Japan. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding support through the selection, screening process and once working for the airline in Japan. We are at your service - which means we can help you settle in and enjoy a rewarding and successful experience in Japan.

Japan based Pilot Jobs

Your Base

Narita (Air Japan) 

Narita is a city located in Chiba Prefecture, on the eastern outskirts of Tokyo. The city is most famous for being the site of Tokyo's international airport, Narita Airport - Japan's busiest international airport. The atmosphere of Narita is charming and relaxed compared to Tokyo and features unique attractions for travellers with a short layover period.  

Osaka (Peach Aviation) 

Osaka is a large port city located on the Japanese island of Honshu. Nicknamed 'The Nation's Kitchen', Osaka offers a great range of food and restaurants, and is also one of the more laid back and affordable cities in Japan.

Pilot Jobs in Japan

Pilot Jobs in Japan

Air Japan - B787 Type Rated First Officers & B767 Type Rated and Non-Type Rated First Officers (Airbus, Boeing and Other Jet Experience)

Air Japan is a Japanese charter airline with its main base at Narita International Airport. The carrier operates scheduled services using B787 & B767-300s, under the ANA brand. Air Japan operates an international service throughout Asia as well as flights to the United States and Guam.

Peach Aviation - A320 Captains

Peach Aviation based in Kansai/Osaka, Japan commenced operations in 2012 with a fleet of A320s. Peach Aviation expects to expand their fleet and operating routes in the coming years, making it a great opportunity for pilots looking to progress their career.

Rishworth Aviation Pilot Support in Japan

Tsutomu Terashima -  Japan Representative

Tsutomu Terashima Japan Representative

With over 35 years of experience in the aviation industry, mostly in management roles with Air New Zealand’s Japan Office, I joined Rishworth in April 2008. I am primarily focused on assisting you whilst attending Screenings and once on contract, and facilitating communications with you and the airline. It is a privilege and a pleasure using my knowledge and experience to assist you. In my spare time I enjoy meeting with Mr.Green (Golf) - a difficult sport! 


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