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As an official recruitment agency for Korean Air, providing the largest number of foreign pilots to the airline for over 20 years, Rishworth Aviation offers great terms and conditions for Korean Air B737NG Captain and First Officer pilot jobs.

B737NG Minimum Requirements


  • 1,000 + PIC hours on B737NG
  • 2,000 + total PIC multi crew Jet hours
  • 4,000 + total multi crew Jet hours
  • 5,000 + total flight hours
  • Flown on B737NG as PIC within 12 months OR 24 months if currently flying on any other Multi Crew Jet Aircraft
  • Over 40 and under 53 at time of joining
  • 4 years commercial airline experience as a First Officer 

First Officers

  • 500+ hours on B737NG
  • 1,000+ total multi crew Jet hours
  • Flown on B737NG within 12 months OR 24 months if currently flying on any other Multi Crew Jet Aircraft
  • Under 45 years at date of joining
  • CPL Licence holder: University Degree or Diploma (minimum 2 years study) OR ATPL Licence holders: Completed Secondary School
Testimonial Testimonial
J. Pooler, Captain (B777)
Korean Air
Flying the Boeing 777 for Korean Air is a most enjoyable and satisfying way to earn a living. Rishworth acts professionally and when any contractual issues arise they are dealt with promptly and effectively. I highly recommend Rishworth.
Testimonial Testimonial
B. Shockley, First Officer (A330)
Korean Air
Rishworth's staff are professional, knowledgeable and they have a great working relationship with Korean Air. From the application process, screening, and now flying, I have complete trust in Rishworth.
Ref: JO1830
JO#1830 Korean Air B737NG Captains (2018 Screenings)

Korean Air B737NG Captains

Commuting - extensive worldwide network
Ref: JO1831
JO#1831 Korean Air B737NG First Officers (2018 Interviews)

Korean Air B737NG First Officers

Commuting - extensive worldwide network

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