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Rishworth Aviation has been supplying aircrew to various airlines within Indonesia, for over 20 years. Our long established presence in Indonesia, alongside our extensive experience of working within South East Asia, has provided us with an in-depth understanding of this market, cultural issues, license requirements, and visa and work permit requirements of foreign crew within Indonesia.

About Indonesia

Indonesia is a beautiful and colourful nation, that is made up of over 17,000 individual islands. You will be spoilt for choice exploring the sheer natural beauty of this tropical paradise consisting of white sandy beaches and huge waves which are perfect for surfing. Filled with luxury resorts and lush natural landscapes, Indonesia is rich in opportunities for adventure.

Working with Rishworth Aviation during your assignment in Indonesia 

Rishworth Aviation has over 25 years' experience, working with over 40 international and domestic carriers, spanning 35 countries. We are one of the largest dedicated crew leasing businesses in the world. We are the leading crew leasing provider for the Asia Pacific region, with crew on contract in Indonesia, Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, Australasia and the Pacific Islands. We also contract air crew in Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East.

More than two decade's experience in Indonesia and other Asian markets has provided us with an in-depth understanding of the issues and challenges facing crew working for airlines in Asia. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional ongoing support to our pilots on contract. We are at your service - which means we can help you settle in and enjoy a rewarding and successful contracting experience.

Indonesia pilot jobs

Your bases in Indonesia


Jakarta is the capital and the largest city in Indonesia. Although known to be the most populous city, Jakarta is filled with an exciting nightlife culture and endless shopping options. It is here you will find Soekarno-Hatta International Airport - the operating hub for Wings Air. For foreign contract pilots living in Indonesia, Jakarta is the ideal base from which to explore wider Indonesia and its spectacular geographical and cultural diversity.


For pilots on contract with Wings Air, a Bali base may be requested (subject to approval by the airline). Beautiful Bali is an Indonesian island known for its breathtaking scenery, white sand beaches, surf and lush coral reefs. The essence of the Balinese culture and food will leave you feeling at peace and serenity in no time. The island experiences warm, tropical weather all year round with the only seasons being dry season and rainy season. This will leave you with plenty of time to experience what this beautiful island has to offer.

If you are interested in being based in Jakarta or Bali, find out more about our Wings Air opportunities today!

Pilot Jobs in Indonesia

Pilot Jobs in Indonesia

Wings Air ATR72-500/600 Captain/TRI/TRE


PT Wings Air is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lion Air and was established as a short-haul regional flight service. The airline operates out of hubs in Jakarta and Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali, as well as several other airports around Indonesia.

Wings Air is the largest operator of ATR aircraft with 54 currently in service and 6 on order.

Rishworth Aviation Pilot Support in Indonesia

Tracy Marulitua Indonesia Representative

Tracy Marulitua - Indonesia Representative

I have been working with Rishworth Aviation as the Indonesia Representative for over 12 years. My experience in the aviation sector in Indonesia extends back 15 years, which includes leasing pilots as well as contract training through Air New Zealand. I have lived and worked in Indonesia for a total of 11 years and I speak fluent Bahasa Indonesia.

Captain (ATR72) F. Farook
Wings Air
F. Farook, Captain (ATR72)
Wings Air
I have had a great experience with both Rishworth Aviation and Wings Air. The Rishworth team are the experts in what they do and, from day one, they were always responsive. I knew I could count on them!

Type Rating Examiner (ATR72-600) B. Upreti
Wings Air
B. Upreti, Type Rating Examiner (ATR72-600)
Wings Air
Rishworth Aviation is an experienced and trusted organisation in the Aviation field, working all around the world. I found Rishworth staff very friendly and helpful. It is a great organisation to work with.

Captain (ATR72-600) P. Di Giorgio
Wings Air
P. Di Giorgio, Captain (ATR72-600)
Wings Air
After almost three years, the feeling is that the people I’m connected to at Rishworth are like old friends. We speak about families and our daily lives. I really like this, and is the reason why I preferred to work at Wings with Rishworth.
Ref: JO1143
JO#1143 Wings Air  ATR72-600 Captain

Wings Air ATR72-500/600 Captain

Jakarta or Bali, Indonesia
Ref: JO1090
JO#1090 Wings Air  ATR72-600 TRI

Wings Air ATR72-500/600 TRI

Jakarta or Bali, Indonesia
Ref: JO1089
JO#1089 Wings Air  ATR72-600 TRE

Wings Air ATR72-500/600 TRE

Jakarta or Bali, Indonesia

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