Case Study – Hajj Recruitment

We are well-placed to support airlines globally with additional support for their Hajj and Umrah flight programmes, and successfully delivered the required resources to two clients to support their 2023 Hajj operations.

Short-term Hajj Operations

The short-term nature of Hajj operations creates steep fluctuations in staffing requirements during the year, with airlines needing to quickly scale staffing up or down. Airlines can be awarded Hajj contracts at short notice, and there is a need to respond quickly. 

How Rishworth Aviation Supported Hajj Clients

In consultation with our client airlines, we developed a staffing model where crew were leased on short-term contracts to support this sharp demand. Our clients needed to engage these crews in a flexible way to effectively scale costs up and down quickly.

We developed suitable terms and conditions for crew to ensure interest in the market for these roles and supply of experienced candidates, and a quick process to fill positions where time was short, leaning on our large database and extensive network.


  • 1. Flexibility

Crew assignment periods will often include extension options, which the airline can utilize should there be any delays in completing the programme.

  • 2. Cost Savings

Significant savings are made on operational, training-related and staffing costs during the low season. Short-term crews allow airlines to operate as a lean organization, and to maximize crew utilization with short-term variations.

  • 3. Agility

The increased short-term capacity has allowed our clients to confidently deliver on their own contracts.

  • 4. Scalability

With this flexible model, our clients know they can scale up their operations as needed.

  • 5. Crew Retention & Satisfaction

Seasonal crews were pleased with the contracts, and hope to return in consecutive years. This helps create continuity and efficiencies by repeatedly engaging crew who are already familiar with and trained in an airline’s procedures and policies.

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