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As official Agency for Korean Air, Rishworth Aviation has for over 20 years been the largest provider of expatriate Pilots to the airline, with many Pilots working at Korean Air for over 15 years.

Working for Korean Air

Korean Air Rishworth Aviation 20 year partnership

Working for Korean Air offers the opportunity to join a major international airline and enjoy the benefits of this well-established and unique commuting contract, which now also offering bases at many locations on Korean Air's extensive worldwide network.

With a well-regarded combination of monthly consecutive days off and business class flights, Korean Air is the preferred choice for many expatriate Pilots. Added to this are the competitive net pay (tax paid in Korea), stable rosters and the professional operation of the airline. There are over 400 expatriate Pilots at Korean Air, providing an experienced and supportive expatriate community.

As your operating base, your home is the Grand Hyatt Incheon, five-star accommodation provided to you by Korean Air – located only three minutes from Incheon International Airport and an hour from downtown Seoul.

Rishworth Aviation provides you with expert support throughout the application, interview, and selection process, including meeting with you at the screening in Seoul to give you first-hand advice and assistance. Once working at Korean Air this contact and support continues, offering you outstanding banking and payment services and comprehensive medical and income protection options.

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Korean Air Pilot Jobs

We are currently recruiting Type Rated and Non-Type Rated Captains and First Officers for the following fleets:

B777 Pilot Jobs Korean AirA380 Pilot Jobs Korean AirB748 Pilot Jobs Korean Air

Korean Air Benefits 

  • Very competitive monthly pay
  • Monthly per diems & overtime payments
  • Commuting contract - 11 consecutive days at home each month, or home base option
  • Generous travel benefits for Pilot and family – including Business Class travel for monthly commuting
  • 5-star hotel accommodation in Seoul
  • Increased pay rates at contract renewal
  • First Officer completion bonus
  • Fly to age 65
  • Excellent proven Rishworth insurances
  • Flexible banking and payment options 

Interviews / Screenings

Rishworth Aviation candidates have the highest success rate at Screening. We provide you with detailed preparation information, and support you closely through the process, with a dedicated Rishworth expatriate Pilot meeting with you in Seoul to give you first-hand advice and assistance.

Screenings in 2020 will be held in Korea as follows:

Screenings are currently unscheduled until July. However, if this changes earlier screening dates will be advised.

Screening Dates
Applications Close     

13-17 July 2020

13 May 2020
10-14 August 2020 10 June 2020
7-11 September 2020 15 July 2020
12-16 October 2020 12 August 2020
9-13 November 2020 9 September 2020
7-11 December 2020 14 October 2020

Korean Air Pilot Support

Captain Sergey Popov

Captain Sergey Popov

"I have been with Rishworth Aviation since 1999 when I joined as a B777 Captain flying for Korean Air. I remain in this position and I have also been working as Auditor in Korean Air’s Flight Operation Quality Assurance Department. Prior to this, I flew for more than 21 years with Aeroflot, progressing from First Officer on a turboprop to widebody Captain whilst also holding management positions. I look forward to working with you and supporting you at screening and when working with Korean Air.” 

Captain (B777) J. Pooler
Korean Air
J. Pooler, Captain (B777)
Korean Air
Flying the Boeing 777 for Korean Air is a most enjoyable and satisfying way to earn a living. Rishworth acts professionally and when any contractual issues arise they are dealt with promptly and effectively. I highly recommend Rishworth.

First Officer (A330) B. Shockley
Korean Air
B. Shockley, First Officer (A330)
Korean Air
Rishworth's staff are professional, knowledgeable and they have a great working relationship with Korean Air. From the application process, screening, and now flying, I have complete trust in Rishworth.

Captain (B777) Robert Brandt
Korean Air
Robert Brandt, Captain (B777)
Korean Air
Korean Air is a very well organized company, flying worldwide with an excellent commuting contract. Rishworth Aviation were very supportive, starting from when I received the paperwork until the moment I boarded the plane to start my course in Seoul.
Ref: JO1826
JO#1826 Korean Air B777 Captains (2018 Interviews)

Korean Air B777 Captains

Commuting - extensive worldwide network
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JO#1822 Korean Air B747-400/800 Captains (2018 Interviews)

Korean Air B747-400/800 Captains

Commuting - extensive worldwide network
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JO#1818 Korean Air A330 Captains (2018 Interviews)

Korean Air A330 Captains

Commuting - extensive worldwide network
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JO#1827 Korean Air B777 First Officers (2018 Interviews)

Korean Air B777 First Officers

Commuting - extensive worldwide network
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JO#1819 Korean Air A330 FO (2018 Interviews)

Korean Air A330 First Officers

Commuting - extensive worldwide network
Ref: JO1823
JO#1823 Korean Air B747-400/800 First Officers (2018 Interviews)

Korean Air B747-400/800 First Officers

Commuting - extensive worldwide network

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