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Non-Type Rated Pilot Jobs

We do not currently have Non-Type Rated (NTR) Pilot jobs available. Please REGISTER with us and ensure your profile is up to date, so we can contact you if any positions become available.

Rishworth Aviation has extensive experience in placing Non-Type Rated pilots with a range of airlines, and our team of experienced professionals has a detailed understanding of each airlines requirements and benefits. This experience and understanding ensures that our pilots fly for the airline that best suits them, so their time on contract is enjoyable and rewarding.

​Pilot Testimonials

"The hiring process was really professional. I know I can count on Rishworth to keep an open line of communication and foster a positive relationship. After 2 years with EVA Air I have not been disappointed with the Rishworth professionals."

- C. Lamoureux, First Officer, EVA Air

​"Not having worked for an agency before, Rishworth led me through every step of the way to working in this beautiful part of the world. The transition from working in Europe to the South Pacific couldn’t have been easier."

- Kevin Filmer, Captain (B737), Fiji Airways

Our NTR Pilot Job Partners

Rishworth Aviation partners with Air Japan, EVA Air, and Peach Aviation to offer Non-Type Rated (NTR) Pilot jobs.

Air Japan

We are not currently accepting applications for Air Japan. Rishworth Aviation partners with Air Japan to offer Non-Type Rated (NTR)  and Type Rated pilots the opportunity to fly as First Officer and Captain on the B767. A future Command opportunity is also offered to First Officers. Benefits of flying with Air Japan include interviews as soon as possible and great pay and package. Learn more about Air Japan NTR Pilot jobs >>


We are not currently accepting applications for EVA Air. Rishworth Aviation and EVA Air partner to offer Non-Type Rated (NTR) pilots the opportunity to fly as First Officer on the B787. Benefits of flying for EVA Air include a possible command upgrade, commuting or non commuting contract options, base in vibrant Taiwan and a large expat pilot community. Learn more about EVA Air NTR Pilot jobs >>

Peach Aviation 

We are not currently accepting applications for Peach Aviation. Rishworth Aviation and Peach Aviation partner to offer A320 Captains roles based in Osaka (Kansai), Japan. These are excellent opportunities for Type Rated and Non-Type Rated (NTR) Captains, with generous benefits and allowances, including a joining bonus, and commuting or non commuting options. Learn more about Peach Aviation NTR Pilot jobs >>

Our NTR Recruitment Team.

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