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Airbus Pilot Jobs

We have the following Airbus Pilot jobs available:

  • A220 TRE, TRI, Captains, & First Officers, and A320 TRE & TRI with an airline in West Africa.

  • In the Pacific we are seeking A330 First Officers with Fiji Airways.

  • A320 TRE, TRI, Line Training Captains, Captains and First Officers with an ACMI operator. Various base options in Europe with an immediate start.

  • In the Middle East we are seeking A320 Captains to operate in the right hand seat.

  • A320 Captains with Bamboo Airways based in Vietnam.

  • A320 Captains with Peach Aviation based in Japan.

Rishworth Aviation has extensive experience in staffing Airbus fleets with a range of airlines, and our team of experienced professionals has a detailed understanding of each airlines requirements and benefits. This experience and understanding ensures that our crews work for the airline that best suits them, so their time on assignment is enjoyable and rewarding.

Airbus Pilot Testimonials

"Vietnam Airlines and the Rishworth Aviation team have been very efficient, friendly and helpful right from the start, in making Vietnam an amazing experience for my family, and for me."

- J Martin Solis, Captain (A320), Vietnam Airlines

"​When I decided to look for an agency to help me take the right movements on my career my priorities were, first-hand information and efficiency and that's what I found with Rishworth. Every time I need information they quickly answer all questions."

- R. Gomez, Captain (A330), Korean Air

About Airbus

The Airbus commercial aircraft product line is made up of successful families of aircraft, ranging from 100 to more than 600 seats: the single-aisle A320 Family, including the A320neo, the best-selling aircraft in aviation history; the widebody, long-range A330 Family; the all-new, next-generation A350 XWB Family; and the double-decker A380.

Airbus has received more than 18,000 aircraft orders globally. The statistics are impressive - with over 11,000 aircraft already delivered, over 10,000 of these are in operation, with over 400 airline customers. The 10,000th aircraft, an A350, was delivered to Singapore Airlines in October 2016. Airbus jetliners are popular with many operators around the globe. From low-cost carriers to full-service airlines, and from short-haul to many of the longest routes worldwide, Airbus aircraft fly on every continent. The global Airbus fleet have performed more than 110 million flights, totaling over 215 billion kilometres and carrying more than 12 billion passengers.

Airbus’ A320 Family is a leader in the single-aisle category, and has been joined by the A220 Family; while the twin-engine A330 family aircraft can cover long-range flight requirements. As the largest aircraft in the Airbus product range, the double-decker A380 has introduced a variety of key innovations that have changed the aviation industry.  

The twin engined A350 XWB epitomises Airbus’ more than 30 years of experience and expertise in shaping the future of air travel. By creating an aircraft family that meets market requirements for size, range, revenue generation, passenger comfort and the environment, Airbus has delivered a new-generation passenger aircraft that is at the pinnacle of modern aviation. The aircraft features new fuel-efficient Rolls-Royce engines and a lightweight airframe made largely of titanium, aluminum, and carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic.

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