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We are seeking A340 TRI/TRE with Azman Air, and on the E190 with a client in Asia. 

We partner with a wide range of airlines to offer TRI, LTC, and other Instructor positions. Please REGISTER with us and ensure your profile is up to date, so we can contact you if any positions become available. 

J. Perez Siete, Captain (A321)
Vietnam Airlines
J. Perez Siete, Captain (A321)
Vietnam Airlines
From the first moment I approached Rishworth there was a sense they were working on my behalf and the friendly staff were interested in helping me and solving all my questions before I moved to Vietnam.
Ref: JO2116
Ref: JO2098
JO#2098 Azman Air B737CL TRE  - New Opportunity!

Azman Air B737CL Captain

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Ref: JO2112
JO#2112 Azman Air A340 TRE/TRI  - New Opportunity!

Azman Air A340 TRE/TRI

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TRE, TRI, & LTC Jobs

Rishworth Aviation is a market leader in managing pilot careers, and for over 35 years has worked with hundreds of airlines to help pilots find their dream jobs. Our experience and understanding of the airlines we work with, as well as our personal touch while getting to know our candidates, ensures that our pilots are taken care of by a team who has their job satisfaction and career growth at the top of mind.

We are well placed to support you across the globe, wherever you choose to base yourself. As well as our Sweden and New Zealand based teams, we have local in-market pilot support representatives to assist you throughout the application and screening process. Our knowledgeable people will continue to provide assistance and guidance throughout your time with the airline. 

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