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For over 35 years the global aviation industry has trusted us with their staffing requirements and careers. We’ve worked with over 100 aviation companies on roles ranging from the hangar, the flight deck, and all the way to the boardroom.

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  • ​When I came to Vietnam I was surprised how Captain Randy from Rishworth received us - he was very professional, with a detailed briefing on what to expect in our new job. Rishworth Aviation was my best option for sure.

    S.Martinez, Captain (ATR72), Vietnam Airlines

  • ​Rishworth has been efficient, professional & attentive in assisting me throughout my application & training with Korean Air. The information given was thorough and the staff were friendly & helpful. I look forward to many more years with Rishworth.

    Haji Abd Razak, Captain (B747), Korean Air

  • Rishworth are very helpful, are always within reach, and have answers and solutions to my questions. At Vietnam Airlines the network is very interesting, especially for the pilots coming from outside Asia. I'm really enjoying my time in Vietnam.​

    J.Lara, Captain (A320), Vietnam Airlines

  • l appreciate the effort and solutions Rishworth has provided, even in difficult situations. l have seen that the Rishworth team is very professional and kind. I feel lucky to have worked with you and look forward to working with you again.​

    Ertugrul Dertsiz, First Officer (A330/A340), Air Mauritius

  • ​I am currently working with Air Peace as an Aviation Quality Auditor, thanks to Rishworth Aviation. Rishworth Aviation assisted me in landing this role with the fastest growing airline and the biggest in Nigeria and West Africa. I will forever be grateful.

    D. Ofori, Aviation Quality Auditor, Air Peace

  • ​After one year and a half working with Rishworth, they have constantly demonstrated professionalism and everything a pilot hopes for in an agency. China Southern is the best airline for me after working at three other airlines

    A. R. Rolim, Captain (A330), China Southern Airlines

  • ​Avion Express offers a wide range of opportunities. I like very much to be based in different countries, discovering new culture and new people. It is a very international airline. This ties in with one of the aspects I like best about being a pilot: diversity. We fly in many different airports, in plenty of countries with colleagues from all over the world. On top of that the Airbus A320 is a very nice aircraft to fly. Rishworth has been a huge help in the process by giving me constant help, an active listening of my constraints with both a friendly and a professional atmosphere.

    N. Tenoux, First Officer (A320F), Avion Express

  • ​I always tell my colleagues at other airlines that KAL is the best. When I considered applying for KAL I compared Rishworth with other agencies I had dealt with in the past and Rishworth was the most reliable, plausible company.

    Rishworth Contractor, Captain, Korean Air

  • ​Flying the Boeing 777 for Korean Air is a most enjoyable and satisfying way to earn a living. Rishworth acts professionally and when any contractual issues arise they are dealt with promptly and effectively. I highly recommend Rishworth.

    J. Pooler, Captain (B777), Korean Air

  • ​After two years now I am entirely satisfied with Rishworth Aviation. They are trustworthy, efficient, stable, and the terms are still improving.

    S. Nguema, First Officer (B737NG/MAX), Royal Air Maroc

  • ​Skymark highly values its relationship with Rishworth. They consistently provide us with high calibre candidates, and go the extra mile to provide whatever support is required by our airline. We highly recommend Rishworth.

    Mr. Masuhei Hayashi, General Manager - Assistant to VP Flight Operations, Skymark Airlines

  • ​Andrew at Rishworth Aviation has been a pleasure to work with since we first connected. Very professional and understanding, he does a wonderful job of balancing the client's needs with the candidate's thoughts. He is so thoughtful and considerate, going way beyond his call of duty to ensure that the entire process is smooth and seamless. A wonderful person, with a great heart, I am confident that he will continue to scale greater heights in the years to come. I recommend him whole-heartedly and would love the opportunity to work with him again.

    R. Dixit, Group Director - Fleet Technical Management and MCC, Cebu Pacific Air

  • ​I have been working in Indonesia less than a year and it has been a very rewarding experience to know this beautiful country and this prestigious company. Within the company we are treated with respect and consideration.

    W.Hoyos, Captain (ATR72), Garuda Indonesia

  • ​I really enjoyed the past 3 years working for Rishworth (Norwegian Longhaul). I have been very impressed by Rishworth from day one and really appreciate all your support during my contract.

    G. King, Relief Captain (B787), Norwegian

  • ​Rishworth has proved highly competent in providing high quality candidates who we are pleased to have represent our airline. They have developed excellent relationships and it's with great pleasure that we highly recommend Rishworth.

    Capt. Linh - Chief Pilot, Vietnam Airlines

  • ​I want to thank Rishworth for this great opportunity of working in Morocco for the past eight years, it has been a wonderful period of my life that I will never forget. It has been an amazing experience!

    Diego Lopez, Captain (ATR72), RAM Express

  • ​Rishworth has been working with us since our inauguration of business. We appreciate Rishworth's skillful management, professionalism and a broad network from which to recruit excellent pilots globally.

    Mr. Eiji Fukunaga, Senior Vice President - Flight Operations, Solaseed Air

  • ​From day one, Air Peace welcomed me as part of the family showing me how important my role would be in the process of Embraer E2 fleet growing. Air Peace is a great place for professional advancement and my experience so far is very positive. Flying in Nigeria is very exciting too.

    B. Radulovic, First Officer (E195-E2), Air Peace

  • ​To work with such a well experienced group of people was a pleasure. The support and backup from the office in Sweden was amazing and all of you where there day and night to help us pilots. I hope that I can work with Rishworth again.

    B. Kilit, First Officer (B737NG), Royal Air Maroc

  • I have been working at Vietnam Airlines as a First Officer on an A321 aircraft. I have found Rishworth Aviation very professional and supportive, following me step by step in my new flight career.

    A.Domeniconi, First Officer (A321), Vietnam Airlines

  • ​I’ve been at Okay since 2007 as a B737NG Captain. Throughout this time there has not been a single issue that Rishworth could not assist me with, and has provided to me and my family a very good health and license insurance

    A. Camargo, Captain (B737NG), Okay Airways

  • ​Rishworth gave me support and guidance from the time of my first application until the end of my contract after six years. When I joined I was more than 56 and it was my first experience as an expat pilot, but Rishworth was ready to help me!

    L. Criscuolo, Captain (B777), Korean Air

  • ​Living and working in Indonesia is great. The beaches are beautiful, the people are friendly and the culture is rich and diverse. Rishworth have been a pleasure to deal with since I started with Lion Air.

    T. Gamero, Captain (B737NG), Lion Air

  • It has been a fantastic experience working at Norwegian. At every stage I felt like I had full support of Operations and the fantastic staff at Rishworth Aviation. I will always look back with pleasure and pride being associated with Norwegian.​

    Anthony, First Officer, Norwegian Air UK

  • ​In Rishworth I have found efficiency, integrity and a partner, ready and willing to be of assistance in every way. I enjoy every minute of flying for Garuda and living in Indonesia - the people are so friendly.

    G.Nyamodi, Captain (CRJ1000), Garuda Indonesia

  • ​My first impression on arrival for OCC was that they really are the airline of opportunities like they say. The company has a friendly environment, and all the people in the headquarters are happy to help and to make the life of the flight crew easier. I really enjoyed the OCC. All the arrangements were clear and simple. I'm delighted to be part of Avion Express and I must say all the support from Rishworth was essential during the assessment. It's a great milestone in my career.

    T. Fernandes, First Officer (A320F), Avion Express

  • ​I fly for Vietnam Airlines and love being based in Hanoi - the culture is fascinating. Rishworth has helped me very much since the beginning, and from the first contact with them it took only two months to join the company.

    I.Subin, First Officer (A321), Vietnam Airlines

  • ​Rishworth's Pilots Support Representative, Captain Rick Nardine, was fantastic. He has shown great interest and has always been helpful. Rick is a real pleasure to deal with.

    Epifanio Hernandez Gutierrez, Captain (A321), Vietnam Airlines

  • ​Vietnam Airlines and the Rishworth Aviation team have been very efficient, friendly and helpful right from the start, in making Vietnam an amazing experience for my family, and for me.

    J Martin Solis, Captain (A320), Vietnam Airlines

  • Rishworth Aviation is an experienced and trusted organisation in the Aviation field, working all around the world. I found Rishworth staff very friendly and helpful. It is a great organisation to work with.​

    B. Upreti, Type Rating Examiner (ATR72-600), Wings Air

  • ​Since arriving in China I found the people at Beijing Capital Airlines to be very friendly and helpful. When it came time to move to China, Rishworth were of tremendous help on getting me established and were always there if I needed them.

    C. Friedl, Captain (A320), Beijing Capital Airlines

  • ​I am on my second contract with Rishworth and all I can say is thank you. Rishworth are very efficient and on my arrival in Japan, I didn't find a Rishworth representative, I found a friend. Thank you Tsutomu Terashima san.

    J. Diaz, Captain (B737NG), Skymark Airlines

  • ​I have been with Rishworth for over 6 years and am currently on contract to Vietnam Airlines. During this period, I have found Rishworth to be very professional and pro-active. You will be in very safe hands!

    D. Kumar, Captain (A320), Vietnam Airlines

  • ​Rishworth is highly competent in the international field of air crew supply and management. They are highly respected and trustworthy, and we are very satisfied with their working practices. We strongly recommend Rishworth.

    Mun Kyung Jung - Contract Pilot Administration Team, Korean Air

  • ​Rishworth provided me with great support and guidance from the application period until the end of my contract. Every time I had a question, Rishworth was right there with an answer for me. Working for Vietnam Airlines was a great experience too.

    T. Knapp, ex Captain (A320), Vietnam Airlines

  • ​Rishworth was the most reliable and plausible agency when I joined Korean Air. They are professional and reliable and I feel very secure with using Rishworth's expertise and services.

    R. Shu, Captain (B747-400), Korean Air

  • My family and I moved to Hanoi from Australia to join Vietnam Airlines. Overall it is a very relaxed working environment with the minimum of fuss. Both Rishworth and Vietnam Airlines have been great - I feel privileged to be involved with both.​

    Byron Thornely, First Officer (A330), Vietnam Airlines

  • ​We have been particularly impressed by the quality of crews provided by Rishworth to undergo our screening process. Their services are outstanding and we look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with Rishworth.

    Adam Pasley - General Manager Flying Operations and Chief Pilot, Pacific Airlines

  • ​As Vietnam Airlines grows its wide-body fleets, there will be many opportunities for A320 Captains to make the move to B787 or A350 Fleets. There is a great expatriate pilot community in Vietnam, especially in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. I feel at home.

    H. Perez, Captain (B787), Vietnam Airlines

  • I recently was contacted by the Rishworth Aviation team about an opportunity. From the outset the team approach was industry leading, discreet, and very professional. They provided the information I needed to assess the opportunity and they followed up continually leading me through the process. A very good experience indeed. It was first class platinum service all the way!

    Head of MRO, Asia-Pacific

  • ​Rishworth's staff are professional, knowledgeable and they have a great working relationship with Korean Air. From the application process, screening, and now flying, I have complete trust in Rishworth.

    B. Shockley, First Officer (A330), Korean Air

  • ​I joined Vietnam Airlines two years ago, moving from the Middle East. Rishworth were instrumental in providing guidance and advice and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working and living in Vietnam.

    T. Wright, First Officer (A330), Vietnam Airlines

  • ​When I decided to look for an agency to help me take the right movements on my career my priorities were, first-hand information and efficiency and that's what I found with Rishworth. Every time I need information they quickly answer all questions.

    R. Gomez, Captain (A330), Korean Air

  • ​Korean Air is a very well organized company, flying worldwide with an excellent commuting contract. Rishworth Aviation were very supportive, starting from when I received the paperwork until the moment I boarded the plane to start my course in Seoul.

    Robert Brandt, Captain (B777), Korean Air

  • ​Rishworth has always responded promptly to our inquiries and they have demonstrated high competence in finding good solutions to our requests. Rishworth is a trustworthy partner and recommend them to both airlines and personnel.

    Capt. Torstein Hoås - Director Flight Operations, Norwegian Air UK

  • ​After almost three years, the feeling is that the people I’m connected to at Rishworth are like old friends. We speak about families and our daily lives. I really like this, and is the reason why I preferred to work at Wings with Rishworth.

    P. Di Giorgio, Captain (ATR72-600), Wings Air

  • ​I have had a great experience with both Rishworth Aviation and Wings Air. The Rishworth team are the experts in what they do and, from day one, they were always responsive. I knew I could count on them!

    F. Farook, Captain (ATR72), Wings Air

  • ​The hiring process was really professional. I know I can count on Rishworth to keep an open line of communication and foster a positive relationship. After 2 years with EVA Air I have not been disappointed with the Rishworth professionals.

    C. Lamoureux, First Officer, EVA Air

  • Rishworth’s team of skilled people understood my requirements and helped me move to Nigeria on short notice. I didn’t believe it would be this easy, but through their help it was a pleasant experience. Rishworth has a strong and dedicated team.

    V. Nambiar, Engineer (A340), Azman Air Services

  • ​Andrew has been absolutely awesome in helping me with the next step in my career. I was a bit anxious about changing jobs and my country but Andrew guided me well and made my decision making a breeze. If you are looking for the next steps in your career growth I would highly recommend you get in touch with Andrew at Rishworth Aviation who will make it as easy as it can be. Thank you Andrew.

    V. Naik, Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Australia

  • ​Rishworth are professional and responsive. They know the market and put together a package that helped us secure the staff we needed. I heartily recommend the expert team at Rishworth to any airline looking for personnel or staffing solutions.

    Salim Torabally - Former EVP Flight Operations, Air Mauritius

  • ​I'm from Russia, flying as a A321 Captain for Vietnam Airlines since 2015. Flying in Vietnam is a great opportunity to get Asia flight experience. Rishworth are efficient, friendly and are ready to help at any time.

    G. Timofeev, Captain (A321), Vietnam Airlines

  • ​I have been a pilot on the Airbus Family for over 25 years and worked mainly in America and Europe. When I started looking for a pilot job in the Internet jungle, I got in direct conversation with Cristina at Rishworth. Sure thing, she answered all questions big and small, but most importantly, I knew then I was dealing with serious responsible people and not an automatic email response. This is an industry made of people to take care and transport people, the filter and selection process needs to be done accordingly, and that is exactly how I felt with Cristina. She was there every step of the way. I am now happily working for BRAATHENS in Stockholm. Thanks Cristina.

    A. Prato, Captain (A320F), Braathens International Airways

  • ​I have been working for Garuda Indonesia through Rishworth since 2014 and I have only great things to say about both organisations. They are professional, proactive and willing to go the extra mile.

    G.Menguez, First Officer (ATR72), Garuda Indonesia

  • ​Rishworth has been very professional, with very caring staff. Now that I have joined Norwegian I find that people are all very friendly here. Proving that Rishworth has done an outstanding job.

    A. Shu Hua Li-Lyons, Relief Captain (B787), Norwegian

  • ​Fiji is a wonderful place for working and lifestyle, the fleet of aircraft is very modern and the working environment is friendly and professional. I am very thankful to Rishworth for making this possible.

    N. Chandra, Captain (A330), Fiji Airways

  • ​From the first moment I approached Rishworth there was a sense they were working on my behalf and the friendly staff were interested in helping me and solving all my questions before I moved to Vietnam.

    J. Perez Siete, Captain (A321), Vietnam Airlines

  • ​Thank you very much for 3 years of professional work. This was my first job in the contract / agency work world and I thoroughly enjoyed the professionalism, help and support I got from Rishworth. I will be happy to join again sometime in the future.

    Michael von Koczian, Relief Captain, Norwegian Long Haul

  • ​I've been with Rishworth Aviation for over a year here in Shanghai. Their attention to detail in settling me and my family here was immeasurable. Rishworth really does give a personable service.

    J. Harder, Captain (A330), Shanghai Airlines

  • ​I joined Vietnam Airlines with Rishworth Aviation 1 year ago. From the first days of communication with Rishworth staff, I felt very well taken care of and supported with the challenging move from Europe to Asia.

    I. Petrashchuk, Captain (A320), Vietnam Airlines

  • ​I keep coming back to Rishworth for work as they are professional, helpful and responsible with regards to my career. I sincerely recommend Korean Air and Rishworth to anyone looking for one of the best commuting contracts in the world.

    J. Gelso, Captain (B777), Korean Air

  • ​I am looking forward to continue this journey and see this airline grow. I thank Rishworth from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity and for looking out for me.

    E. Eloff, Cabin Crew Instructor (A330neo), Uganda Airlines

  • ​Not having worked for an agency before, Rishworth led me through every step of the way to working in this beautiful part of the world. The transition from working in Europe to the South Pacific couldn’t have been easier.

    Kevin Filmer, Captain (B737), Fiji Airways

  • Avion has been truly nice and helpful about everything. The selection process is pretty fair and straightforward. Rishworth and Lisa in particular have been truly amazing. Help every step of the way in which I am truly grateful. Rishworth will definitely be my go-to agency in the future. Hope to be able to work with you again soon.

    J. Brown, Senior First Officer (A320F), Avion Express.

  • ​I have worked with Rishworth Aviation for more than 10 years now. Over this time we have developed a professional relationship built on trust and support. Rishworth is responsive, competent and highly experienced in sourcing flight crew.

    Capt. Fitzgerald - Flight Operations Manager, Wings Air

  • ​Andrew at Rishworth Aviation was truly a pleasure to work with from the moment he reached out to me. I was in the market for a new position in a gas turbine engine workshop and it was Andrew's lightning-fast responses and friendly demeanour which had my immediate attention. This has been easily the smoothest recruitment process I've been a part of. Andrew is a fast and accurate operator with well above average communication skills. He never left me wondering what was happening next.​

    P. Rose, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Pacific Turbine

  • After flying for more than 20 years in Mexico I decided to take the big step and become an expat pilot. I have found in Vietnam Airlines a solid company with great future opportunities. Thanks Rishworth for making this possible!​

    G.Cuevas, Captain (A321), Vietnam Airlines

  • ​I very much enjoyed the selection process with Xfly in Helsinki. Overall, the recruiting team was very professional and friendly. They used very high evaluation criteria but also made the candidates feel comfortable.

    Maurizio de Rinaldis, Captain (E190), Xfly