ATR72 Pilot Jobs

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Rishworth Aviation is currently recruiting pilots for ATR72 Pilot Jobs in Vietnam, Indonesia, Morocco and Mauritius. ATR72 TRE, TRI and Captains are eagerly sought after for international pilot jobs with very generous packages on offer!

ATR72 Pilot Jobs

About the ATR72

The ATR72 is a twin-engine turboprop short-haul aircraft manufactured by the French-Italian aircraft manufacturer ATR. The 600 series aircraft first entered commercial service in 2010 and can seat up to 78 passengers in a single-class configuration. The ATR 72-600 features several improvements, most notably increased power, whereby new PW127M engines enable a 10% increase in takeoff power when required for certain take-off conditions.

Rishworth Aviation is proud to offer you attractive ATR72-500/600 opportunities with our valued clients, Vietnam Airlines, Wings Air, Air Mauritius and Royal Air Maroc Express.

So don’t delay, learn more now about these exciting ATR72 opportunities now!

Rishworth Aviation Pilot Jobs Registration

Ref: JO1794
Ref: JO1143
JO#1143 Wings Air  ATR72-600 Captain

Wings Air ATR72-500/600 Captain

Jakarta or Bali, Indonesia
November Screenings available!
Ref: JO1090
JO#1090 Wings Air  ATR72-600 TRI

Wings Air ATR72-500/600 TRI

Jakarta or Bali, Indonesia
November Screenings available!
Ref: JO1089
JO#1089 Wings Air  ATR72-600 TRE

Wings Air ATR72-500/600 TRE

Jakarta or Bali, Indonesia
November Screenings available!
Ref: JO1950

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