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Embraer Pilot Jobs

We are seeking applications from E195-E2 Captains & First Officers with Air Peace, based in Nigeria. We are also seeking engineering & maintenance roles on the Air Peace Embraer fleet. Learn more below. 

Ref: JO2099
Ref: JO2093
JO#2093 E195 Captain

Air Peace E195-E2 Captain

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Ref: JO2094
JO#2094 E195 First Officer

Air Peace E195-E2 First Officer

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Ref: JO2103
JO#2103 B1/B2 Engineer - ERJ145

B1/B2 Engineer - ERJ145

Lagos, Nigeria
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E190 | ERJ145

Embraer is a Brazilian Aerospace company responsible for producing the popular lines of E190 and ERJ145 aircraft. The twin engine E190 and ERJ145 are madeof Sao Jose dos Campos in Sao Paulo. The company was launched in 1969 and is the third largest manufacturer of airplanes in the world  - the E190 and ERJ 145 amongst its most successful ventures.

The E190 is a popular aircraft to fly. Embraer technology puts the control within the hands of the pilot and allows the plane to be flown manually if required - pilots are able to take full charge and use their best judgment in certain flying situations. The E190 offers airlines and pilots a streamlined maintenance program, a high degree of commonality among the Embraer family and fast turnaround times - some in as little as 15 minutes - which increases daily utilisation and efficiency.

This aircraft family was first introduced at the Paris Air Show in 1999,  entered production in 2002 and the first flight of the E190 was in March 2004. The launch customer of the E190 was New York-based low-cost carrier JetBlue with 100 order options in 2003 and took its first delivery in 2005. The series is used by mainline and regional airlines around the world and has proven popular with regional airlines in the United States.


The Embraer E-Jets line is composed of two main commercial families and a business jet variant. The smaller E170 and E175 make up the base model aircraft. The E190 and E195 are stretched versions, with different engines and larger wing, horizontal stabilizer and landing gear structures. The Embrarer 170 and 175 share 95% commonality, as do the 190 and 195. The two families share near 89% commonality, with identical fuselage cross-sections and avionics, featuring the Honeywell Primus Epic Electronic flight instrument system (EFIS) suite. The E-jets also have winglets to improve efficiency.

Pilot demand to operate the small, narrow-bodied jet is continual due to its popularity in efficiently operating lower-demand routes. The ongoing requirement for this aircraft - with over 1,400 already delivered and a stable order book - provides pilots with excellent career opportunities. The E190/195 models compete with the Bombardier CRJ-1000 and Airbus A220-100, the Boeing 717-200 and 737-600, and the Airbus A318. The aircraft can carry up to 100 passengers in a two-class configuration or up to 124 in single-class high density configuration.

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