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Rishworth Aviation is proud to partner with Royal Air Maroc, RwandAir and Air Mauritius to offer a range of Captain, TRI/TRE, Junior First Officer and First Officer pilot jobs operating on A319, A330, B737NG, ATR72, CRJ900, Dash 8 - Q400 and ERJ145 aircraft. We have a dedicated team who will ensure you receive the very best service while living and working in some fascinating parts of Africa.

Pilot Jobs in Africa

Royal Air Maroc - B737NG Junior First Officers ATR72-600 Captains TRE | TRI

Rishworth Aviation is exclusively recruiting for Royal Air Maroc, and their subsidiary, Royal Air Maroc Express, for qualified B737NG Junior First Officers and ATR72-600 Captains| TRE | TRI. Rishworth Aviation contracts offer excellent terms and conditions for Royal Air Maroc pilots. 

Royal Air Maroc is the national carrier of Morocco with its main hub Mohammed V International Airport. The airline serves a vast network of over 90 destinations, 56 of which are international and flies to 17 cities within Morocco and 11 cities in France; it also operates routes to 12 other countries in Europe. The airline has gone from strength to strength in recent years including being awarded the title of Best Regional Airline in Africa for 2017. Rishworth Aviation has a long-standing relationship with Royal Air Maroc, having been the airlines' exclusive provider since 2002.

RwandAir - A330 Captains & First Officers | Dash 8 - Q400 First Officers | CRJ900 Captains & First Officers

Rishworth Aviation is currently seeking A330 and CRJ900 Captains, and A330, CRJ900 and Dash 8 - Q400 First Officers for RwandAir. We are accepting expressions of interest for B737NG and Dash 8 - Q400 Captains, and B737NG First Officers. Rishworth Aviation contracts offer excellent terms and conditions for RwandAir pilots.

Operating from Kigali, Rwanda, as its hub in the heart of Africa, RwandAir is one of the fastest growing airlines on the African continent. RwandAir operates in over 20 locations, spanning Africa, Middle East, Europe and Asia, with ambitions to further expand the U.S and China. RwandAir is a member airline of the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) and is an EASA, IOSA and ISAGO, certified operator.

Air Mauritius - ATR72-500 Captains

Rishworth Aviation is delighted to work in partnership with our valued client Air Mauritius to provide exciting opportunities for Captains on the ATR72-500. With great annual leave benefits, good pay on offer and a 36-month term, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

The long-standing airline was established in 1967 and is the national flag carrier of Mauritius. Air Mauritius is based at Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport near the capital Port Louis. The airline serves over 24 destinations in a network covering Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia and is the leading scheduled carrier operating in the Indian Ocean.

Your base in Africa

Flying over Africa is simply stunning; the constant changes of magnificent scenery will always hold the interest of a pilot. The dawn above the permanent snow-covered peak of Mt Kilimanjaro; the sunset over the Serengeti and midday over the unexplored jungles of the Congo, where the sun's rays never reach the ground.

Pilot jobs in Africa

Air Mauritius - St Louis, Mauritius

Situated off the coast of Madagascar,  Mauritius is an island nation of 1.2m people. The country consists of two large islands, Mauritius and Rodrigues, and other smaller islands. The Mauritian capital of St Louis is an island paradise, with tropical temperatures all year round. Due to its complex history, Mauritius has exceptional cultural diversity including a large expat community. With English and French as national languages, many pilots experience a smooth transition to the country.  

Air Mauritius operates from Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport, which is situated on the southern part of the island.  

Royal Air Maroc - Casablanca, Morocco

Royal Air Maroc roles are based in the Casablanca, Morocco’s largest city. With a vast European network, a commute home to visit family and friends is a possibility or simply choose to spend your days off in a melting pot of culture and modernity.

Casablanca is a stunning port city and the commercial hub of Western Morocco, bordering the Atlantic Ocean. A distinctive and unique mix of French-colonial design and traditional Moroccan style give the city a sense of European urban sophistication and this is the perfect base from which to explore two exciting continents; Africa and Europe.

RwandAir - Kigali, Rwanda

Spanning several ridges and valleys, Kigali, with its lush hillsides and bustling streets, is arguably one of the most attractive capital cities in Africa, as well as easily one of the cleanest and safest. The climate is mild with lots of sunny weather and an average temperature of 26 degrees celsius year round.  

The vibrant city is the economic, cultural and political hub of Rwanda, with a mix of cultural influences including Belgian and Middle Eastern. It offers a pleasant environment for pilots wishing to live here independently or with their family with its welcoming culture, a buzzing nightlife, an established expatriate community and excellent international schools.

Kigali’s central location makes it a great base for exploring greater Rwanda, as well as in its neighbouring countries of Uganda, Tanzania.

First Officer (B737) K. Kuimba
K. Kuimba, First Officer (B737)
I appreciate mostly the readiness and experience Rishworth have provided me, including advice and knowledge they have of their clients to find me a suitable airline to progress my career with.

First Officer (B737NG/MAX) S. Nguema
Royal Air Maroc
S. Nguema, First Officer (B737NG/MAX)
Royal Air Maroc
After two years now I am entirely satisfied with Rishworth Aviation. They are trustworthy, efficient, stable, and the terms are still improving.
Ref: JO2071
JO#2071 Sales Representative  – Africa

Sales Representative – Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa
Aviation Experienced Sales Representative based in Africa south of Sahara.
Ref: JO1943
JO#1943 Royal Air Maroc B737NG Junior First Officers

Royal Air Maroc B737NG Junior First Officers

Casablanca, Morocco
No minimum hours on type required, possibility to upgrade to First Officer when 500 hours are completed.
Ref: JO2044
JO#2044 Embraer 145 Captain

Embraer 145 Captain

West Africa
Best paid ERJ145 position in Africa!
Ref: JO1950
Ref: JO1692
JO#1692 RwandAir CRJ900 Captain

RwandAir CRJ900 Captain

Kigali, Rwanda
Join one of the fastest growing airlines in Africa
Ref: JO2053
JO#2053 RwandAir CRJ900 First Officer

RwandAir CRJ900 First Officer

Kigali, Rwanda
Join one of the fastest growing airlines in Africa
Ref: JO1590
JO#1590 RwandAir A330 First Officer

RwandAir A330 First Officer

Kigali, Rwanda
Join one of the fastest growing airlines in Africa
Ref: JO1589
JO#1589 RwandAir A330 Captain

RwandAir A330 Captain

Kigali, Rwanda
Join one of the fastest growing airlines in Africa
Ref: JO1374
JO#1374 RwandAir Dash 8 - Q400 First Officer

RwandAir Dash 8 - Q400 First Officer

Kigali, Rwanda
Join one of the fastest growing airlines in Africa
Ref: JO1794
Ref: JO1942
JO#1942 RwandAir Dash 8 - Q400 Captain

RwandAir Dash 8 - Q400 Captain

Kigali, Rwanda
Expression of Interest
Ref: JO1558
JO#1558 RwandAir B737NG First Officers

RwandAir B737NG First Officers

Kigali, Rwanda
Expressions of Interest
Ref: JO1376
JO#1376 RwandAir B737NG Captain

RwandAir B737NG Captain

Kigali, Rwanda
Expressions of Interest

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