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Pilot Jobs in Africa

All Pilot jobs in Africa are currently filled. Please REGISTER with us and ensure your profile is up to date so we can contact you if any Pilot jobs become available.

We have strong partnerships with several airlines in Africa, including:

Air Peace Pilot Jobs

Air Peace was founded in 2013 and is West & Central Africa’s largest airline. Based in Lagos, the airline provides dependable, seamless connections and network options for Nigerian, regional and international markets. Read more about Air Peace Pilot Jobs >>

RwandAir Pilot Jobs

Operating from Kigali, Rwanda, as its hub in the heart of Africa, RwandAir is one of the fastest growing airlines on the African continent. RwandAir operates in over 20 locations, spanning Africa, Middle East, Europe and Asia, with ambitions to further expand the U.S and China. RwandAir is a member airline of the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) and is an EASA, IOSA and ISAGO, certified operator. Read more about RwandAir Pilot Jobs >>

Azman Air Pilot Jobs

Azman Air was founded in 2010 and operates domestic flights in Nigeria, as well as services to neighbouring Benin. The airline has acquired an A340-600 in preparation for operating international Umrah services. The airline is seeking to acquire an additional A340-600. Read more about Azman Air Pilot Jobs >>

Royal Air Maroc & RAM Express Pilot Jobs

Rishworth Aviation has a long-standing relationship with Royal Air Maroc, having been the airlines' crew provider since 2002. We also provide ATR crews for the regional RAM Express Service. 

Rishworth Aviation in Africa

Rishworth Aviation has extensive experience supporting Pilots working in Africa. We support large expat communities of Pilots in Africa and understand the opportunities and challenges in this market. Rishworth has over 35 years helping Pilots find great new roles. 

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Africa Pilot Jobs Outlook

​Boeing forecasts that an additional 19,000 Pilot jobs will be available in Africa in 2040. The increasing connectivity within the African continent, as well as international growth, will ensure ongoing Pilot job opportunities will be available. Rishworth Aviation has frequent contact with airline leaders throughout Africa ​to develop new Pilot staffing solutions.

Africa Pilot Testimonials

"I appreciate mostly the readiness and experience Rishworth have provided me, including advice and knowledge they have of their clients to find me a suitable airline to progress my career with."

- K. Kuimba, First Officer (B737), RwandAir

"l appreciate the effort and solutions Rishworth has provided, even in difficult situations. l have seen that the Rishworth team is very professional and kind. I feel lucky to have worked with you and look forward to working with you again."

- Ertugrul Dertsiz, First Officer (A330/A340),
Air Mauritius

Our Africa Pilot Jobs Team.

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