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B737 Pilot Jobs

B737NG/MAX Captains and First Officers in Oceania, and B737 Captains in Europe.

All other B737 Pilot jobs are currently filled. We have global partnerships with airlines operating B737 aircraft. Please REGISTER with us and ensure your profile is up to date, so we can contact you if any more B737 Pilot jobs become available.

We partner with various airlines to provide B737 pilot jobs, including:

​​Rishworth Aviation has extensive experience with B737 Pilot jobs with a range of airlines and countries. Our team of experienced professionals have a detailed understanding of each airlines requirements and benefits. This experience and understanding ensures that our crews work with the airline that best suits them, so their time on assignment is enjoyable and rewarding.

B737 Pilot Testimonials

"I appreciate mostly the readiness and experience Rishworth have provided me, including advice and knowledge they have of their clients to find me a suitable airline to progress my career with."

- K. Kuimba, First Officer (B737), RwandAir

"I am on my second contract with Rishworth and all I can say is thank you. Rishworth are very efficient and on my arrival in Japan, I didn't find a Rishworth representative, I found a friend. Thank you Tsutomu Terashima san."

- J. Diaz, Captain (B737NG), Skymark Airlines

About the B737

The B737 is one of the most popular aircraft operated by airlines all around the world, and is the best selling aircraft of all time. It is estimated that there are an average of 1,250 airborne B737 aircraft at any time, with two either taking off or landing every five seconds. With over 10,000 B737 in operation and over 4,500 B737NG and the new B737MAX on order, there is no better time to advance your aviation career this this proven fleet.  

The Boeing 737 is a short- to medium-range twinjet narrow-body airliner. The B737 series began development in 1967 and has since grown to include nine passenger models. The initial 737-100 made its first flight in April 1967, and entered airline service in February 1968. With timely upgrades, Boeing first moved from the original B737-100 to a lengthened model, B737-200. The launch of the B737-300, B737-400 and B737-500 followed. This series later became known as the B737 Classic, prompted by the launch of the B737NG (Next Generation) series, which incorporates the B737-600, B737-700, B737-800, and B737-900.  

The classic series was fitted with the optional Electronic Flight Information System (EFIS) rather than analog dials — this led to blurred terminology. As a result, B737-3/4/500 fitted with EFIS, are often abbreviated to B737 EFIS. The 737 was revised again for greater efficiency in 2010, with the 737 MAX series featuring CFM LEAP-1B engines and improved winglets. The 737 MAX began service in May 2017.

Variations of the B737 still in production have a range of 5,436–7,130 kilometres (2,935–3,850 nautical miles) and can accommodate from 85 to 215 passengers depending on the class layout.

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