Vietnam Airlines Pilot Jobs

We have been proudly recruiting flight crew for Vietnam Airlines since 2000 and have a dedicated team, including pilot representatives who will ensure you receive the very best service while living and working in Vietnam.

About Vietnam Airlines

Rishworth Aviation partners with Vietnam Airlines to provide opportunities to fly the A320, A321, A350 and B787. All positions are currently filled. Please REGISTER with us and ensure your profile is up to date so we can contact you if any positions become available.

Based in Hanoi, Vietnam Airlines has positioned itself as an internationally recognised brand, as a young and modern carrier, fully ingrained in and showcasing the traditional Vietnamese culture. Utilising a fleet of narrow and wide-body Airbus, Boeing, and ATR72 aircraft, Vietnam Airlines operates an extensive network of domestic and regional services within South East Asia and North Asia and international services to Europe and Australia.

Rishworth Aviation has been Vietnam Airlines preferred supplier for over 20 years

Vietnam Airlines is making great progress in building a modern and environmentally-friendly fleet, with the airline expected to reach 150 aircraft by 2020, with the Boeing 787-9, Boeing 787-10 and Airbus 350-900 aircraft enabling the airline to become one of the leading carriers across the Asia Pacific region, while also expanding its international network.

In 2010, Vietnam Airlines joined SkyTeam, the world’s second largest global airline alliance, affirming the carrier’s new position on the global aviation map as the strategic partner of the alliance in the Asia Pacific region.

Living and Working in Vietnam

Being on assignment with Rishworth Aviation at Vietnam Airlines provides a rewarding experience with a stable long-term assignment, a choice of roster patterns to suit you with great career development opportunities including upgrades and fleet transitions offered by the airline. The low cost of living in Vietnam allows you to really make the most of the fees earned (in USD). The cost of living in Vietnam is significantly less than most major European and American cities, in some cases by as much as 50%. The cultural, lifestyle and travel opportunities are plentiful! Vietnam itself has a myriad of wonderful locations to explore and, with the rest of the South East Asia region on your doorstep, the options are endless!

Vietnam Airlines pilot jobs

Captain Jorge Lara - A320, Vietnam Airlines

Captain Lara has been on assignment with Rishworth Aviation at Vietnam Airlines for 3 years and has enjoyed the experience in Vietnam, and being supported by Rishworth's experienced team.

Captain Jorge Lara

In 2014 I made the decision to look for work options outside of my country and fortunately I found Rishworth Aviation. I am very grateful that Rishworth’s professional team took me by the hand and guided me throughout the process. I have now been flying for 3 years with Vietnam Airlines, which has given me and my family the opportunity to get to know the Asian culture and wonderful places both inside and outside of Vietnam, as well as to be a part of an excellent group of expatriate pilots and their families. 

Local Pilot Support

Rishworth Aviation has an established Pilot Support Group (PSG) that offers you friendly, practical, on-the-ground support that you can call on 24 hours a day, throughout your Vietnam Airlines job contract and beyond. Our PSG representatives are senior Vietnam Airlines pilots living in Vietnam who have a wealth of first-hand experience and who have a passion for the wellbeing of their fellow pilots at Vietnam Airlines.

The PSG meets with new contract pilots on their arrival to ensure a thorough induction to the systems and protocols of Vietnam Airlines as well as Vietnamese life in general. The PSG is also available to give you general support and guidance on an ongoing basis throughout the term of your contract at Vietnam Airlines. 

Captain Nicholas Guindy - Vietnam Airlines Pilot Support

Captain Nicholar Guindy

My aviation career started in Denmark, where I completed my ATPL with Copenhagen Air Taxi, in 2003. It was 2006 when I took up my first aviation job for a German Charter Company. Having completed 6 great years in Germany, I was looking for a new challenge and a bit of adventure, so I made the move to a warmer climate and worked as an ATR72 Line Captain in the Philippines. In 2014, I decided to explore South East Asia further and so signed a contract with Rishworth to work as an ATR72 Line Captain for Vietnam Airlines based in Hanoi. After 3.5 years with Vietnam Airlines, I was given the opportunity to transition to the A321 Fleet and was released in March 2018 as A321 Line Captain. I am thoroughly enjoying living and working in South East Asia and I am glad to be part of the Rishworth Pilot Support Team, responsible for welcoming and assisting new comers and supporting our current crews too, in the best and most fun possible way. 

Captain Rick Nardine - Vietnam Airlines Pilot Support

Captain Rick Nardine

I began with Rishworth Aviation in 2000 as an A320 Line Captain in Vietnam, and recently made the transition to Captain the A330. I have travelled to most countries in this part of the world and have lived and worked in more than 13 countries in South East Asia, Europe and the Americas. I have command ratings on both Airbus and Boeing and more than 30 years aviation experience - the last 14 years of which have been for Vietnam Airlines. I really enjoy working as a member of the Pilot Support team, greeting new recruits and helping pilots adjust to the 'Vietnamese way'. I also enjoy travel, golf, night life, food and beer. 

Ms Binh - Vietnam Airlines Pilot Support

Vietnam Pilot Support

I am proud to be a part of the Rishworth Aviation team, working with our pilots around Vietnam. From the initial screening process, to your start in country and beyond, I look forward to supporting you, and your families, with whatever you need. I am available to assist and advise on finding housing, schooling, opening bank accounts, travel tips, and any other matters regarding ex-patriate life in Vietnam. I love travelling and meeting people from other cultures and I look forward to welcoming you soon too!

Rishworth Aviation Vietnam Team

VNA team

I.Subin, First Officer (A321)
Vietnam Airlines
I.Subin, First Officer (A321)
Vietnam Airlines
I fly for Vietnam Airlines and love being based in Hanoi - the culture is fascinating. Rishworth has helped me very much since the beginning, and from the first contact with them it took only two months to join the company.

D. Kumar, Captain (A320)
Vietnam Airlines
D. Kumar, Captain (A320)
Vietnam Airlines
I have been with Rishworth for over 6 years and am currently on contract to Vietnam Airlines. During this period, I have found Rishworth to be very professional and pro-active. You will be in very safe hands!

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