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When you partner with Rishworth Aviation, you can be assured that you career is represented by world-class consultants. With offices in New Zealand and Sweden, and local representation across China, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Africa, UK, India, and more, we have an experienced and highly qualified team selected to ensure an outstanding experience for our candidates on assignment. When you register and apply for a role with Rishworth Aviation, you can expect the following:

Global service with local support

We work with international and domestic aviation companies offering both commuting and non-commuting roles. With local representatives across the globe, we are available to support you no matter where your role takes you.

​​You will be represented by industry experts

Operating since 1985, we’ve placed great aviation professionals in roles at over 100 airlines from all over the world. Our professional teams based in Europe, UK, and Australasia are made up of highly experienced experts with a blend of recruitment, aviation, legal, HR and commercial skills.

​Competitive benefit packages

Our assignments come with competitive insurance packages including on-duty, off-duty, and expatriate insurance. As well as emergency response services, we will provide personal support services through by experienced aviation professionals.

​Support throughout your assignment

When you’re ready to start an assignment, you will receive comprehensive information about the company and the role that will ensure you have a smooth start to your new job.  

We invite you to register and apply for any roles with Rishworth Aviation that you are interested in, and partner with us to help you secure your next opportunity.