Case Study​ - Royal Air Maroc Junior First Officers

​Rishworth Aviation has had a long standing relationship with Royal Air Maroc starting in 2002. In 2017 we developed and launched the Junior First Officer program to support the airline's continued growth plan.

Royal Air Maroc's ​Narrow-body Expansion Plans

Royal Air Maroc's ambitious expansion plans included increased operations of their B737NG and E190 fleets, and preparation for the arrival of their B737 MAX orders. The airline aimed to increase its connectivity within Africa and to nearby European destinations, and required a steady flow of pilots to operate these fleets. At the time it was difficult to attract the required candidates, and new approach to staffing was needed.

How Rishworth Aviation Supported Royal Air Maroc 

  • 1. Create a New Type of Opportunity

We proposed to bring in a combination of experienced First Officers and Junior First Officers that could be trained from scratch within the airline’s standard operating procedures. This created a great opportunity for newly type rated pilots with no hours on type and with low total flying hours, and for the airline to access a diverse range of candidates.  

  • 2. Compensation & Progression

Pilots with no hours on type received monthly pay when starting and a good chance for being checked as First Officers, with attractive terms and conditions if they performed well. There were very few of these opportunities in the market and we predicted that there would be considerably high interest that would position Royal Air Maroc as an airline of choice for many pilots.

  • 3. Global Marketing Campaign

We promoted the opportunities on the E190 and B737NG via our extensive marketing network. This attracted thousands of applicants which we processed and shortlisted for the airline.  

  • 4. Assessment and Onboarding

To ensure the best possible candidates were presented to the airline, we provided video interviews, psychometric tests, meet and greet events in Casablanca, communication about policies and onboarding (work permit docs, sick leave, etc.), and ongoing liaison activities.


  • 1. Continuity of Operations

We had close to 70 pilots on contract with the airline at one time, ensuring that expansion plans and flight operations we’re fully supported by a continuous supply of high-quality pilots.

  •  2.Cost Savings

The total fee paid by the airline for a Junior First Officers were up to 60% lower than the market, while still offering attractive terms to the pilots for their first role on type. 

  • 3. High Retention Rates

90% of the Junior First Officers successfully passed the First Officer check with the airline when they reached 500 hours on type. This created ongoing efficiencies as new replacement pilots were not regularly required in high volumes.  

  • 4. Internal Efficiency

The airline did not have to increase their number of HR staff to manage the program as Rishworth handled applications, initial screening phases, and presented only the best candidates to the airline. We also handled many operational HR matters directly with the pilots.



“After two years now I am entirely satisfied with Rishworth Aviation. They are trustworthy, efficient, stable, and the terms are still improving. I strongly recommend both Royal Air Maroc and Rishworth Aviation to anyone looking for a stable B737NG or E190 contract. The city of Casablanca is safe, vibrant, multicultural, and the company is still growing and renewing its Fleet." S. Nguema, First Officer (B737NG/MAX), Royal Air Maroc (pictured)

"To work with such a well experienced group of people was a pleasure. The support and backup from the office in Sweden was amazing and all of you where there day and night to help us pilots. I hope that I can work with Rishworth again." B. Kilit, First Officer (B737NG), Royal Air Maroc

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