A321 Type Rating Instructor Talent Pool

  • Sector: Instructors
  • Location: Asia
  • Rank: TRE & TRI & LTC
  • Fleet: A320
  • Company: Other Airlines
  • Job Ref: BH_406290

We are accepting expressions of interest for our upcoming recruitment for experienced A321 TRIs in the new year for our client in Southeast Asia!


  • Dynamic & exciting location
  • Choice of Roster Patterns 
  • National airline
  • Commute or Non-Commute - tickets on airline's network available

Minimum Requirements:
  • 2 years experience as an A320 TRI and operated in capacity of TRI within last 2 years 
  • 3500+ Total Flight Hours and 1,000+ A320 PIC Hours
  • Last flight on A320 within 12 months preferred, but flexible if you have a valid type rating/PPC acceptable to the airline
  • Valid ATPL with valid A320 TRI rating, valid  A320 OPC and a valid Class 1 Medical
  • Aged under 58 at start of assignment

Register now and apply to be added to our priority list to contact once recruitment commences!