Korean Air B787 Captains

  • Sector: Pilots
  • Location: Republic of Korea
  • Rank: Captain
  • Fleet: B787, Boeing
  • Company: Korean Air
  • Job Ref: BH_435749

Rishworth Aviation is currently seeking B787 Captains for Korean Air for this well regarded 5 year renewable worldwide commuting Contract.

*Screening includes Simulator Evaluation, Physical Examination, Psychometric Test and Interview.  Screening will be scheduled once or twice a month / detailed dates will be informed accordingly. 

Application cut off date: 31 May, 30 June, 31 July 2024
Tentative Screening Aug-Oct 2024

Korean Air's Minimum Requirements For Applications:

  • Valid B787 Type Rating 
  • 1000+ PIC hours on B787 (or 500 hours on B787 as Captain, plus 1000 B787 First Officer hours)
  • 2500+ total PIC hours multi-crew commercial jet
  • 5000+ total hours multi crew commercial jet hours 
  • 7000+ total flight hours 
  • Flown on B787 as PIC within 12 months (or 24 months if current on any other multi crew jet) 
  • Under 60 years of age at the date of joining 
  • High School Certificate/Diploma  

Rishworth Aviation has for over 25 years been the largest provider of expatriate Pilots to Korean Air, with many Pilots working at Korean Air for over 15 years. This means there is a large supportive expat Pilot community and Rishworth’s dedicated team available on hand at anytime to assist you.

Working for Rishworth whilst flying for Korean Air offers the opportunity to join a major international airline and enjoy the benefits of this well-established commuting contract.

Submit your application as soon as possible.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.