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New Year New Opportunities: Your 2024 Journey Begins Here

The New Year comes with new opportunities and a chance to start working on your pilot career goals for the year!

Rishworth Aviation is actively working with Avion Express to recruit Pilots, and we invite you to join our upcoming Online Roadshow to learn more about the opportunity for pilots and how we can support you. This could be the key to unlocking a world of opportunities as an A320 pilot with Avion Express! Please come prepared with your questions.

The Online Roadshow will be held via Zoom
Date: Wednesday, 10th January 2024
Time: 15:00 Central European Time, CET
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Avion Express A320 Pilot Benefits

  • Loyalty bonus paid 2 times each year

  • One month of paid vacation in winter

  • Fixed roster

  • Permanent contract

  • Competitive contract package

  • Possibility to upgrade

  • Bases in Europe, the Caribbean, and the Middle East

  • Accommodation provided

Rishworth Aviation in Europe​

Rishworth Aviation has over 35 years of experience, partnering with over 100 international and domestic airlines, spanning 40 countries. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding support through the selection, screening process, and beyond from our office in Sweden.

Candidate Testimonials

"Avion has been truly nice and helpful about everything. The selection process is pretty fair and straightforward. Rishworth and Lisa in particular have been truly amazing. Help every step of the way in which I am truly grateful. Rishworth will definitely be my go-to agency in the future. Hope to be able to work with you again soon."- J. Brown, Senior First Officer (A320F), Avion Express.

"My first impression on arrival for OCC was that they really are the airline of opportunities like they say. The company has a friendly environment, and all the people in the headquarters are happy to help and to make the life of the flight crew easier. I really enjoyed the OCC. All the arrangements were clear and simple. I'm delighted to be part of Avion Express and I must say all the support from Rishworth was essential during the assessment. It's a great milestone in my career."- T. Fernandes, First Officer (A320F), Avion Express

"Avion Express offers a wide range of opportunities. I like very much to be based in different countries, discovering new culture and new people. It is a very international airline. This ties in with one of the aspects I like best about being a pilot: diversity. We fly in many different airports, in plenty of countries with colleagues from all over the world. On top of that the Airbus A320 is a very nice aircraft to fly. Rishworth has been a huge help in the process by giving me constant help, an active listening of my constraints with both a friendly and a professional atmosphere."-N. Tenoux, First Officer (A320F), Avion Express

About Avion Express

​Avion Express is a leading ACMI provider, offering aircraft leasing services to airlines worldwide. With a fleet of over 20 Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft, Avion Express specializes in providing cost-effective and flexible solutions to meet the needs of its clients. Working in the field for over 17 years, they have established a long-term partnership with clients in Europe and are also operating in Asia-Pacific and South America. The airline has a strong reputation for its high standards of safety, reliability, and quality, making it a trusted partner in the aviation industry.

In 2019, Avion Express was recognized as one of the TOP-20 Lithuanian Most Desirable Employers by Verslo Žinios and awarded ACMI Operator of the Year at Air Transport Awards by International Business News. Additionally, Avion Express was ranked 22nd among Lithuanian Business Leaders Top 500 in 2018 by the same publication. These awards highlight Avion Express's commitment to excellence in the aviation industry.

​Why Join Avion Express

  • The airline's values of trust, flexibility, and ownership: They maintain a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere where you can grow as an individual and as a member of a great team. They believe that only motivated and well-treated employees can deliver the highest results.

  • The airline of opportunities: They provide employees with world-class training and real opportunities to advance within the company as it expands.

  • People-first philosophy: Their latest internal surveys show 79.3% of flight crew are satisfied with providing services to Avion Express, and 80% of flight crew say the culture and environment are positive. 

  • Friendly yet professional environment: They believe in hard work but never forget to enjoy life as well.

On top of that, Avion Express is also:

  • Biggest passenger ACMI narrow-body carrier globally by number of aircraft

  • Biggest passenger ACMI narrow-body carrier globally by number of flights and production hours

  • 16th biggest Airbus A320 Family operator in Europe

  • First ACMI carrier to be CARA approved by Lufthansa Group

  • AOC's in Lithuania and Malta, with Brazil AOC on the way

  • More than 550 Pilots and a diverse workforce with more than 60 nationalities within the group

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