Korean Air B777 Captains

Thank you for your interest in Korean Air. Due to the global impact of COVID-19, recruitment is currently suspended. If these positions are of interest to you and you meet the minimum requirements, please register with us to be notified when recruitment resumes. You can also submit your interest to jobs@rishworthaviation.com for our review, so we are ready to work with you as soon as recruitment resumes.

As an official recruitment agency for Korean Air, providing the largest number of foreign pilots to the airline for over 20 years, Rishworth Aviation offers great terms and conditions for Korean Air non-type rated and type rated B777 Captain pilot jobs.

B777 Captain Requirements

  • 1,000 + PIC hours on B777

  • 2,500 + total PIC multi crew Jet hours

  • 5,000 + total multi crew Jet hours

  • 7,000 + total flight hours

  • Flown on B777 as PIC within 12 months OR 24 months if currently flying on any other Multi Crew Jet as PIC

  • Under 60 years of age (and over 40 years preferred) at date of joining

Korean Air B777 Captain Testimonials

​"Korean Air is a very well organized company, flying worldwide with an excellent commuting contract. Rishworth Aviation were very supportive, starting from when I received the paperwork until the moment I boarded the plane to start my course in Seoul."

- Robert Brandt, Captain (B777), Korean Air

"Flying the Boeing 777 for Korean Air is a most enjoyable and satisfying way to earn a living. Rishworth acts professionally and when any contractual issues arise they are dealt with promptly and effectively. I highly recommend Rishworth."

- J. Pooler, Captain (B777), Korean Air