Pilot Support Services

Rishworth Aviation is proud to offer you our dedicated and professional team of pilots that provide ongoing support and knowledge to our pilots while on assignment.

Pilot Support in South East Asia

Vietnam Pilot Support

Vietnam Pilot Support - Captain Nicholas Guindy 

My aviation career started in Denmark, where I completed my ATPL with Copenhagen Air Taxi, in 2003. It was 2006 when I took up my first aviation job for a German Charter Company. Having completed 6 great years in Germany, I was looking for a new challenge and a bit of adventure, so I made the move to a warmer climate and worked as an ATR72 Line Captain in the Philippines. In 2014, I decided to explore South East Asia further and so signed a contract with Rishworth to work as an ATR72 Line Captain for Vietnam Airlines based in Hanoi. After 3.5 years with Vietnam Airlines, I was given the opportunity to transition to the A321 Fleet and was released in March 2018 as A321 Line Captain. I am thoroughly enjoying living and working in South East Asia and I am glad to be part of the Rishworth Pilot Support Team, responsible for welcoming and assisting new comers and supporting our current crews too, in the best and most fun possible way.

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Vietnam Pilot Support

Vietnam Pilot Support - Captain Rick Nardine

I began with Rishworth Aviation in 2000 as an A320 Line Captain in Vietnam, made a transition to Captain the A330, an then again to the A350. I have travelled to most countries in this part of the world and have lived and worked in more than 13 countries in South East Asia, Europe and the Americas. I have command ratings on both Airbus and Boeing and more than 30 years aviation experience - the last 14 years of which have been for Vietnam Airlines. I really enjoy working as a member of the Pilot Support team, greeting new recruits and helping pilots adjust to the 'Vietnamese way'. I also enjoy travel, golf, nightlife, food and beer.

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Vietnam Pilot Support

Ms Binh - Vietnam Airlines Pilot Support

I am proud to be a part of the Rishworth Aviation team, working with our pilots around Vietnam. From the initial screening process, to your start in country and beyond, I look forward to supporting you, and your families, with whatever you need. I am available to assist and advise on finding housing, schooling, opening bank accounts, travel tips, and any other matters regarding ex-patriate life in Vietnam. I love travelling and meeting people from other cultures and I look forward to welcoming you soon too!

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Vietnam Pilot Support

Mr Nguyen Trung - Advisor

it has been my great pleasure to work with Rishworth Aviation since 2002 as the Vietnam Representative. I am proud of having welcomed hundreds of pilots to come and work in Vietnam from all over the world. I really enjoy working with people with different characteristics and cultures. I love travelling and meeting people. I play tennis, listen to music and take photos during my free time.

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Vietnam Pilot Support

Pacific Airlines Pilot Support - Captain Robert Aitchison

I have been on contract in Vietnam for more than fourteen years, punctuated by an eighteen month break for a project role in my home country of Australia. I am currently contracted to Pacific Airlines as a Designated Pilot Examiner and have held various roles in both Training, Checking and performing Management roles at various times as Fleet and Standards Manager and Post Holder Training. My flying experience encompasses more than twenty five years as an expatriate pilot flying both Boeing and Airbus in Asia and the Middle East. Prior to embarking on my expatriate adventures I was ten years with Ansett Airlines in Australia. It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Vietnam flying community and look forward to meeting with you and assisting in helping you establish yourselves in this interesting country.

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Indonesia Representative - Tracy Marulitua 

I have been working with Rishworth Aviation as the Indonesia Representative for over 12 years. My experience in the aviation sector in Indonesia extends back 15 years, which includes leasing pilots as well as contract training through Air New Zealand. I have lived and worked in Indonesia for a total of 11 years and I speak fluent bahasa Indonesia.

India Representative - Vinod Suri

After retiring from Air India as General Manager - Finance in 2008, I joined Rishworth as a Senior Advisor. I am a Chartered Accountant, a law graduate and have extensive experience in various finance roles with Air India in Hong Kong, Nairobi, New York and India. I am based in Mumbai and assist Rishworth for all aspects of business in India including supporting pilots on assignment in India, liaison with our airline clients in India, and business development in the region. My hobbies are reading, movies, music, cricket and travelling.

Pilot Support in North East Asia

Korean Air Pilot Support

Korean Air Pilot Support - Captain Sergey Popov

I have been on contract with Rishworth Aviation since 1999 when I joined as a B777 Captain flying for Korean Air. I remain in this position and for the last 5 years I also have been working as an Auditor in the Flight Operation Quality Assurance Department. Prior to this I flew for more than 21 years with Aeroflot, progressing from First Officer on a turboprop to wide body jet Captain whilst also holding management positions. I look forward to working with you.

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 China Representative - Jack Jiang

Hello, I am Jack, Rishworth Aviation's South China Representative. I am based in Zhuhai city, Guangdong province. I've been with Rishworth since 2017 and I have a background in Human Resources and Customer Service. I am very experienced in helping airline clients and pilots during the screening and joining process, as well as helping pilots to adapt their work and life in China. Join us, together with our team in China and New Zealand, we will provide the best assistance and support to you.

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Japan Representative - Tsutomu Terashima 

With over 35 years of experience in the aviation industry, mostly in management roles with Air New Zealand’s Japan Office, I joined Rishworth in April 2008. I am primarily focused on assisting you whilst attending Screenings and once on contract, and facilitating communications with you and the airline. It is a privilege and a pleasure using my knowledge and experience to assist you. In my spare time I enjoy meeting with Mr.Green (Golf) - a difficult sport! 

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Skymark Pilot Representative

Skymark Pilot Representative - Captain Francisco Garcia

I have been flying in Japan since 2008 and have been on contract with Rishworth Aviation when I joined Skymark Airlines as a B737NG Captain. Before moving to Japan, I was based in the Dominican Republic for 19 years working for a large American company flying corporate jets and helicopters. I live in Tokyo with my wife and my 2 youngest children, who attend the local Japanese school close to our home. My wife is now taking Japanese class and starting a business in the import-export area. In our spare time we enjoy going on camping trips around Japan.

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Pilot Support in Africa

RwandAir Pilot Support

RwandAir Pilot Support - Captain Bethwell Igobwa

Having gained great experience with Kenya Airways I sought to explore working for other growing companies and I engaged with Rishworth Aviation in 2017. I was then assigned to Rwandair, a fast growing company in the East African region with amazing career opportunities. It has been very exciting for me working with this company and additionally offering support through the Pilot Support Representative role that I play. I have moved fully to Kigali with my family and together we are thoroughly enjoying ourselves and getting to know new people. I enjoy mentoring young pilots in their careers and generally in life!

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J. Diaz, Captain (B737NG)
Skymark Airlines
J. Diaz, Captain (B737NG)
Skymark Airlines
I am on my second contract with Rishworth and all I can say is thank you. Rishworth are very efficient and on my arrival in Japan, I didn't find a Rishworth representative, I found a friend. Thank you Tsutomu Terashima san.

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