Pilot Support

Rishworth Aviation is proud to offer you our dedicated and professional team of pilots that provide ongoing support and knowledge to our pilots while on assignment.

Vietnam Pilot Support

Captain Russell Backhouse - Jetstar Pacific Pilot Support

I am the Pilot Support Representative for Rishworth Aviation in Vietnam. I am an Australian and my flying role is with Jetstar Pacific. My family and I are based in Hanoi and I hold the position of Jetstar Pacific Hanoi Base/Airbus Fleet Support Manager. Whilst I have over 30 years’ experience in the aviation industry, I have spent a good portion of the last 15 years working under an agency contract in various Asian bases (this being my second Rishworth Aviation contract). Therefore, I certainly understand the elements of working under an agency agreement in a foreign country and the support that a pilot and their family may be seeking from an on the ground agency support representative.


Pilot Rep Support

Vietnam Pilot Support

Captain Rick Nardine - Vietnam Pilot Support

I began with Rishworth Aviation in 2000 as an A320 Line Captain in Vietnam, and recently made the transition to Captain the A330. I have travelled to most countries in this part of the world and have lived and worked in more than 13 countries in South East Asia, Europe and the Americas. I have command ratings on both Airbus and Boeing and more than 30 years aviation experience - the last 14 years of which have been for Vietnam Airlines. I really enjoy working as a member of the Pilot Support team, greeting new recruits and helping pilots adjust to the 'Vietnamese way'. I also enjoy travel, golf, night life, food and beer.


Korean Air Pilot Support

Captain Sergey Popov - Korean Air Pilot Support

I have been on contract with Rishworth Aviation since 1999 when I joined as a B777 Captain flying for Korean Air. I remain in this position and for the last 5 years I also have been working as an Auditor in the Flight Operation Quality Assurance Department. Prior to this I flew for more than 21 years with Aeroflot, progressing from First Officer on a turboprop to wide body jet Captain whilst also holding management positions. I look forward to working with you.


Skymark Pilot Representative

Captain Francisco Garcia - Skymark Pilot Representative

I have been flying in Japan since 2008 and have been on contract with Rishworth Aviation since 2011 when I joined Skymark Airlines as a B737NG Captain. Before moving to Japan, I was based in the Dominican Republic for 19 years working for a large American company flying corporate jets and helicopters. I live in Tokyo with my wife and my 2 youngest children, who attend the local Japanese school close to our home. My wife is now taking Japanese class and starting a business in the import-export area. In our spare time we enjoy going on camping trips around Japan.


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