Airline Crew Leasing

Crew Leasing

Crew Leasing is our specialty. Whether it be short or long-term contracts, we have the candidates to meet your requirements. Rishworth Aviation provides:

Experienced Pilots & Crew Services

When recruiting crew through Rishworth, you’ll have access to the largest global flight crew database of top aviation professionals for various aviation jobs. We can fill pilot, maintenance and engineering jobs, technical ground staff and executive positions across a wide range of commercial specifications.

Aviation Staffing Flexibility

Rishworth understands the aviation industry. You’ll receive tailor-made crew leasing solutions that provide the perfect match for your crew leasing needs.

Effective & Efficient Crew Leasing Solutions

We can save you time and money by pre-screening your aviation crew for any aviation job. We’ll take care of all administrative, payment and contractual responsibilities for crew leasing.

Unmatched Crew Recruitment Support & Experience

With over 35 years of aviation crew recruitment and leasing experience, Rishworth Aviation has a proven track record in filling aviation jobs with major airlines in over 40 countries. Our experienced team is dedicated to finding the best crew leasing solutions for you.

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Airline Enquiries for Europe, Africa & the Middle East

Torkel Waak (Rtd B744 Captain)

Executive Director

+46 707417068

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Torkel has 40 years of airline experience working as a Line and Management Pilot with SAS, EVA Air, and Novair, and has been involved with Rishworth Aviation for over 20 years. His expertise includes developing bespoke staffing models for the likes of Norwegian Air and Finnair. Torkel’s deep relationships across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East means the Rishworth team is able to quickly understand and deliver to airline requirements.

Lisa Evans

Business Development Manager

+46 72 371 5099

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Lisa has over 10 years of experience in Legal private practice. As a senior member of the Rishworth Aviation team, Lisa manages and supports contracts with leading airlines in Europe and Africa, leveraging her expertise in tailored crew leasing solutions. Lisa draws on her experience of working and living internationally to work with a diverse range of airline clients.

Airline Enquiries for North East Asia

Liz Loveridge

Regional Director

+64 21 701 251

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Liz’s experience in the aviation industry spans over 20 years, and has worked with most of Rishworth’s airline clients across the Asia Pacific region. Having lived and worked in China, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, Liz has a deep understanding into the opportunities and challenges for airlines and Pilots in this region. Liz’s expertise is exemplified through long term relationships with some of the largest airlines in North East Asia.

Airline Enquiries for South East Asia, Pacific and Americas

Jason Cochrane

Regional Director

+64 21 974 959

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Jason supports airlines with their growth requirements in the South East Asia, Pacific, and the Americas markets. He has for over 10 years with Rishworth Aviation spent significant time Vietnam, India, Indonesia, and other rapidly developing aviation markets to form partnerships with some of the most successful growing airlines in the region.

Gretchen Rhodes

Market Development Manager

+64 21 426 101

Gretchen has been with Rishworth Aviation since 2001, and during this time has delivered tailored crew leasing and staffing solution focussed on India, Pacific Islands, Brunei, and throughout South East Asia. Gretchen draws on her background in Law and Psychology to consult with airlines about their needs, and then developing and delivering solutions with the Rishworth team.

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