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Rishworth Aviation is delighted to be working with Xiamen Air in providing the airline with experienced Pilots. We are currently offering excellent opportunities for B787 Captains with commuting and non-commuting contract options, generous monthly pay plus allowances. The airline has just announced new and improved terms and conditions, read on to find out more.

About Xiamen Air

Xiamen Air has consistently been awarded 'The Best Airline in Mainland China’. The airline is based in Xiamen and operates domestic and international routes on 12 B787-800/900s and 155 B737 aircraft, with exciting fleet expansion plans. Its majority shareholder is China Southern Airlines, and it is a member of SkyTeam.

Screenings are held every month throughout the year.

Xiamen Air Pilot Jobs


Living and working in Xiamen

The city of Xiamen on China's southeast coast is ranked as one of the countries most desirable cities to live in. With a population of 3.5 million, Xiamen is known for its Hokkien culture, colonial architecture, manicured parks and tree-lined beaches. The climate is a huge draw for most, with a monsoon subtropical climate, the summers are hot and humid and the winters mild. Temperatures in winter averaging 17°C (62°F) and in the summer 32°C (89°F).


Expatriates moving to Xiamen will find the city modern with excellent facilities and infrastructure. The city is served by Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport, which is only a twenty-minute taxi ride from downtown. There are flights to every part of China from here, as well as international connections. Getting about is easy and there’s plenty of choice: buses, inexpensive taxis and a ferry service.


Apartment living is the most popular with expatriates in Xiamen. Budget options are getting a studio or sharing an apartment. You can rent a furnished studio apartment for US$350-$600 or a larger furnished apartment for US$600-$1000 depending on the location. A sea-view two-bedroom apartment can be yours from about US$850 a month while rent in central commercial areas for this size of an apartment will be higher. If are looking for something larger for your family, a villa could be a good option with the rent is likely to be upwards from US$2000 a month.


There are plenty of amazing sites to explore on your days off in Xiamen. Gulangyu islet, arguably the city’s most famous attraction, draws visitors who come to experience the recently named UNESCO World Heritage Site for its historical buildings, ranging from former European consulates to Chinese-inspired Art Deco mansions.


Back on the mainland, you could take an early morning visit to the Eighth Market, the city’s largest and oldest open-air bazaar. Among fresh vegetables and fresh fish, you’ll find street food like the local breakfast of steamed wheat bread stuffed with crunchy peanuts and coconut tarts. You can walk along the Railway Cultural Park, a nearly three-mile, rails-to-trail project that stretches from the waterfront through the residential old town, and features a tunnel fitted with displays on the history of Chinese railways. Or just relaxing on one of Xiamen’s beautiful white sand beaches is always an option.


Rishworth Aviation Pilot Support in China

Rishworth Aviation has a dedicated team who speak both English and Chinese based in China and at head office in Auckland, New Zealand to assist you during the application, screening and start of contract process and in adapting to working and living in China. We are there to facilitate communications with Xiamen Airlines, and ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible for you during your time on contract with us.

Jack Jiang -  South China Representative / Pilot Support

Angela Li Xiamen Air Pilot Support

Hello, I am Jack, Rishworth Aviation's South China Representative. I am based in Zhuhai city, Guangdong province. I've been with Rishworth since 2017 and I have a background in Human Resources and Customer Service. I am very experienced in helping airline clients and pilots during the screening and joining process, as well as helping pilots to adapt their work and life in China. Join us, together with our team in China and New Zealand, we will provide the best assistance and support to you.

Angela Li -  North China Representative / Pilot Support

Angela Li Xiamen Air Pilot Support

I am Rishworth Aviation's Beijing-based representative, assisting our client Airlines and Pilots throughout mainland China. Born and raised in China, I am fluent in both Chinese and English. I have completed a Bachelor degree at the National Academy of Chinese Theater Arts majoring in International Cultural Communication. Having joined Rishworth Aviation in 2014 it is my passion to assist others in realising their career goals, and I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life. I look forward to meeting you and assisting you in your new role.

Meet the Rishworth Aviation China Recruitment Team

Cynthia Wilson -  Lead Consultant

Rishworth Aviation China Recruitment Team

I am based at Rishworth Aviation's Auckland office and was born in China, however, moved to New Zealand many years ago. I hold a Bachelor degree from the University of Auckland majoring in International Business and Marketing. I previously worked as a Legal Executive for an Auckland law firm.  I enjoy dealing with people from different cultures and finding the right job for expatriate pilots. 

Contact me at cynthia.wilson@rishworthaviation.com

Duke Du -  Recruitment Consultant

Rishworth Aviation China Recruitment Team

As part of the North East Asia recruitment team based in Auckland New Zealand, my focus is to help pilots from around the globe with job opportunities at airlines in China. I have worked in legal and operations roles in China, Tibet, Hong Kong and the USA, holding an LLB from China and an LLM degree from the U.K. It is rewarding to see that I can apply my knowledge and experiences to the aviation industry and help pilots to achieve their career goals. In my spare time, I love fishing, cooking & exploring New Zealand.

Contact me at duke.du@rishworthaviation.com

Liz Loveridge -  Regional Director - North East Asia

Rishworth Aviation China Recruitment Team

In my many years with Rishworth, I have been involved in all aspects of the business, having worked with most our airline client in the Asia Pacific region. I have over 18 years’ experience in aviation and general recruitment and previously I was a lawyer working in UK and New Zealand. When not travelling and experiencing all the history, arts and culture around the world that I love; I am happy enjoying the fantastic outdoors, and the food and wine that New Zealand has to offer. 

Contact me at liz.loveridge@rishworthaviation.com

Judith Erren -  Regional Manager

Rishworth Aviation China Recruitment Team

I provide support to some of our key airline clients and to the pilots on contract at these airlines. Before I made New Zealand my home I lived in my home country Germany, and Australia. Prior to joining Rishworth I worked at law firms, specialising in European employment and commercial law. I hold an LL.M. from Australia and law degrees from Germany. I thoroughly enjoy the aviation industry and providing a professional service to our pilots and airlines. In my free time, I enjoy zumba, tennis, kitesurfing and kayaking, and anything else beautiful New Zealand has on offer.

Contact me at judith.erren@rishworthaviation.com

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