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Rishworth Aviation discusses how the travel sector should navigate the aviation industry crisis

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 2 years ago

​The pandemic has caused no end of challenges for the aviation industry, as many airlines not only had to cancel and suspend their flights but halt operations due to enforced shutdowns. But with the rebound now firmly taking place, the sector is gradually returning to normality as people resume their travels with enthusiasm.

However, not many, if at all, predicted the chaotic state that the travel industry would be facing. Pilot and airport staff shortage, endless airport queues, cancelled flights, missed flights–these scenarios have sadly become all too familiar since the summer of discontent began.

When will the travel chaos end?

Rishworth Aviation's Managing Director, Rafael Moyano, recently discussed with World Travel Market the challenges and opportunities in the recovering aviation market.

“Covid-19 hit the aviation industry unlike any other crisis. All operators needed to implement massive lay-offs, and even though the market is now recovering, it hasn’t yet returned to pre-pandemic levels of staff. While these numbers are still not where they once were, recruitment and call backs are not as quick or efficient as the industry needs to keep up with demand.

Overall, it’s important to anticipate the needs beyond what they see and have a realistic and well formulated resourcing plan. To hire pilots is not a quick process. Working with agencies can help them gain agility and reach a wider group of candidates, as well as access to experts in aviation to speed up their hiring processes without sacrificing a thorough recruitment process.”

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