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Exploring Growth and Opportunities: Highlights from the Avion Express Event

  • Publish Date: Posted 7 months ago

Avion Express, a dynamic player in the aviation industry and member of industry giant Avia Solutions Group (ASG), recently hosted an event that showcased their impressive growth and discussed key themes in the industry. The event brought together aviation professionals, providing insights into Avion Express's journey and the broader aviation landscape.

The event included a tour of Avion Express's facilities and its beautiful home city of Vilnius, offering a glimpse into their rapid expansion. Notable was the presence of Avion Express's Senior Vice President of People and Culture, who shared her remarkable journey within the company, highlighting its growth from a single A320 to a fleet of over 50 aircraft. The company’s story is not only about the number of aircraft but also an ethos that embraces opportunities at every turn. With over 300 company-wide promotions in the first nine months of 2023 alone, Avion Express, the airline of opportunities, is an open door to those willing to seize them.

Our team at Rishworth Aviation, Lisa Evans and Cristina Onisor, were invited to participate in this event. Here are some of the key takeaways and insights:

Exploration of Facilities:

Attendees had the opportunity to tour Avion Express's headquarters and training facilities with ASG sister-company BAA Training, including world-class simulators. The immersive experience allowed for a deeper understanding of the company's operations and offered a first-hand look at their commitment to excellence.

Employee Satisfaction and Strategic Planning:

Avion Express conducts regular surveys to gauge satisfaction of their people, revealing that 80% of their pilots are content. The company is strategically planning for the future, aiming to have all necessary personnel in place by April to meet the demands of the 2024 peak flying season. We are currently looking for experienced A320 Pilots to join the team.

Expert Advice for Airlines in 2024:

In light of current market trends, the advice for airlines is clear – start hiring for 2024 now. Avion Express is setting an example by actively engaging with partners like Rishworth Aviation and planning well in advance. Airlines should prioritize flexibility in requirements, consider non-local license holders where possible, and be open to hiring pilots who haven't flown since the pandemic. Quick and strategic hiring, competitive packages, and accommodating rosters for work-life balance are key strategies for success.

In conclusion, Avion Express's event not only showcased their achievements but also provided valuable insights for the industry. As the aviation landscape continues to evolve, proactive and flexible approaches will be crucial for success in 2024 and beyond.

It’s the right time to prepare for 2024. Whether you are looking for additional pilots, expanding your cabin crew, or strengthening your engineering and management teams, Rishworth Aviation has the expertise to find the right candidates for you. Contact us today!