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Aviation Week Mro Asia Pacific 2023
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Key Takeaways from Aviation MRO Asia-Pacific 2023

  • Publish Date: Posted 7 months ago
  • Author:by Andrew Tay

The MRO Asia-Pacific event held in Singapore from September 26 to 28, 2023, served as a crucial gathering for aviation industry professionals across the Asia-Pacific region. The event shed light on several key takeaways and insights that highlighted the current dynamics in this post-COVID time. One of the most pressing issues discussed was the surging demand for talent across the aviation industry. With the growing number of airlines and aircraft in the region, the need for support has skyrocketed, which has since presented a significant challenge – the scarcity of skilled talent. Industry leaders have expressed concern about the talent drain from the region as professionals seek opportunities in other parts of the world or in other industries, leading to a shortage of talent in the APAC region. This phenomenon emphasizes the urgency for companies to act swiftly and strategically to address the shortage; otherwise, its repercussions could snowball over the course of time.

Being a prominent player in the aviation industry, Rishworth Aviation's own Lewis Purcell and Andrew Tay took full advantage of the MRO Asia-Pacific event to understand and address these critical issues. From meeting industry stakeholders and clients, their active participation developed insightful discussions, and potential solutions for the talent shortage problem, demonstrating their commitment to the APAC aviation sector.

Given the challenges and opportunities discussed at the event, Rishworth Aviation’s participation demonstrates their commitment to helping the industry overcome barriers to the talent market. Moving forward, it is vital that industry partners consider working with Rishworth Aviation to build strong partnerships and bring positive change to the industry, with the ultimate goal of solving the talent crisis and ensuring continued talent growth and sustainability in the Asia Pacific region.

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