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Ravn Alaska Pilot Jobs

Rishworth Aviation partners with Ravn Alaska to provide Pilot jobs on the Dash8 Q100/300 for Captains and Senior First Officers. Type Rated and Non-Type Rated applications are considered.

Benefits include:

  • Competitive pay

  • Type Rated candidates will be offered a Joining Bonus

  • Annual pay increases yearly

  • Health & Life Insurance (Dental and Vision incl)

  • Future career opportunities with possibility to transition to a Jet

  • Commuting may become an option in the future

  • Preferential bidding system, based on seniority

Dash 8 Pilot Jobs with Ravn Alaska - E3 Visa Program

We are accepting applications from Australian citizens to fly with Ravn Alaska. Rishworth Aviation will provide support throughout the visa process as well as communication with the airline.

Type Rated and Non-Type Rated applications are considered.

As the US market is leading the aviation world in recovery and Pilot shortages, this is an excellent opportunity for ambitious and adventurous Pilots to make a positive career move. ​

​Rishworth Aviation representative, Tracy Marulitua (second from left) visiting the Ravn Alaska team in 2022.


About Ravn Alaska

Ravn Alaska is a regional airline operating a mixture of scheduled and charter flights. The airline is majority owned by Northern Pacific Airways, which is a start up airline that will operate a fleet of B757.

​Ravn Alaska operates a fleet of 10+ Dash8 aircraft.​

Ravn alaska dash8
Ravn Alaska Pilot Jobs.

Ravn Alaska Dash8 Captains & Senior First Officers (Type & Non-Type Rated)

This job is based in the USA. NOW also accepting Senior First Officers!  We are excited to offer positions on the Dash8 Q100/300 for Captains & Senior First Officers with Ravn Alaska. Type rated and non-type rated position are available.  Non-Type Rated Pilots will be sponsored to complete a type rating (no bond).  Ground school dates are ongoing, so apply now to secure your interview slot.  Please note: A work visa is required if you do not have a US passport. You must meet the Part 121 requirements. Benefits include: Competitive pay Direct Entry Captain $120 per hour starting pay and $125 per hour after successful IOE $120,000 New Hire Bonus for Direct Entry Captains only $30,000 Instructor Bonus for Direct Entry Captains only Option of a Standard Schedule with a 70-hour monthly guarantee or Commutable Schedule (15 day rotation - following successful completion of training) with a 60-hour monthly guarantee $5,000 Relocation Reimbursement based on receipts Day trips only, allowing you to be at your domicile base every night Annual pay increases  Health & Life Insurance (Dental and Vision incl) Future career opportunities with possibility to transition to a Jet Accommodations provided for commuting roles. Preferential Bidding System (PBS) allowing you to bid your days off Known Crewmember (KCM) and jump seat (CASS) Privileges Reimbursement for Medical renewals while employed with the organization Support provided by Rishworth Aviation: Dedicated Relocation Specialist  In country Rishworth representatives  Minimum Experience Hour Requirement 2500 hours in a fixed wing aircraft, of which 1000 hours will be multi-engine turbine flight time PIC requirement - 1000 hours Part 121 with US air carrier. Must have a valid First Class Medical Other Requirements: This role is based in Anchorage, Alaska.  Please note that Alaska flying conditions can be challenging, thus flexibility and agility are key for this role.  USA passport holders will be prioritized.  We have a dedicated specialized US team to answer your intricate queries about this role. Please email us at USA@rishworthaviation.com Apply now!  

  • North America
Our Ravn Alaska Pilot Recruitment Team.

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