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Rishworth Aviation is currently recruiting pilots for B777 Pilot Jobs in Korea, China, and Taiwan. Boeing 777 Captains and First Officers are eagerly sought after for international pilot jobs with very generous packages on offer!
B777 Pilot Jobs

About the Boeing B777

The Boeing B777 aircraft, which is classified as a medium-sized airliner, entered service in 1995 with the original 777-200 variant. The stretched 777-300, followed in 1998 with the extended-range 777-300ER and ultra long-range 777-200LR variants entering service in 2004 and 2006 respectively. The 777-200LR is the world's longest-range airliner, able to fly more than halfway around the globe, and holds the record for the longest distance flown non-stop by a commercial aircraft.

Since entering the market, B777 aircraft have completed over 5 million flights, notching up over 18 million flight hours. The wide-body B777 is the world’s largest twinjet aircraft, and is capable of long range flight.

The Boeing 777 is the world's largest twinjet and has a seating capacity for between 314 to 396 passengers, with a range of 5,240 to 8,555 nautical miles (9,704 to 15,844 km). Developed in consultation with a number of major airlines, the 777 was designed to replace older wide-body airliners and bridge the capacity difference between Boeing's 767 and 747. As Boeing's first fly-by-wire airliner, it has computer-mediated controls. It was also the first commercial aircraft to be designed entirely with computer-aided design.

The B777 has received more orders than any other wide-body airliner in history, and as at November 2016, 60 airlines had placed orders for 1,902 aircraft of all variants, with 1,446 delivered of these in operation today. Boeing has over 400 of the 777-300ER and the new 777X aircraft on order, further emphasising the ongoing demand for qualified and experienced B777 pilots around the world. This is where you come in – Rishworth Aviation is proud to offer you attractive B777 opportunities with our valued clients - Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, EVA Air and China Southern Airlines.

So don’t delay, learn more now about these exciting B777 opportunities now!

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JO#1599 Korean Air B777 First Officers (2017 Interviews) -  New - Completion Bonus

Korean Air B777 First Officers (2017 Interviews)

Commuting - extensive worldwide network
Ref: JO1598
JO#1598 Korean Air B777 Captains (2017 Interviews)

Korean Air B777 Captains (2017 Interviews)

Commuting - extensive worldwide network
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JO#988 China Southern B777 Captains - New Roster Patterns!

China Southern B777 Captains - New Roster Patterns!

Guangzhou, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Auckland, Vancouver, London (Please enquire about the available bases on your fleet)