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Rishworth Aviation is currently recruiting qualified pilots for Boeing B747 Pilot Jobs in Korea. Boeing B747 Captains and First Officers are eagerly sought after for international pilot jobs with very generous packages on offer!

B747 Pilot Jobs

About the Boeing B747

Well recognised as the most popular wide-body aircraft in history, the first variant of B747 entered service in 1970, heralding the arrival of the world’s first wide-body aeroplane. When the B747 was first introduced, it was expected to sell only 400 units. However, by 1985 development began for the fourth variant of B747, the B747-400 (B744).

The B744 provided greater range, better fuel economy, reduced weight, lower noise and lower operating costs than the previous B747s. By 2010, 1,418 B747s had been built, far surpassing earlier predictions. The B747 held the record for greatest passenger capacity for 37 years, and the B747-400F is the largest commercial cargo transport in service.

The newest version of the aircraft, the B748, received certification in 2011. Deliveries of the B747-8F freighter version began in October 2011; deliveries of the B747-8I passenger version began in May 2012.

Rishworth Aviation is proud to offer you attractive B747 opportunities with our valued clients - Asiana Airlines & Korean Air.

So don’t delay, learn more now about these exciting B747 opportunities now!

Rishworth Aviation Pilot Jobs Registration
Ref: JO1822
JO#1822 Korean Air B747-400/800 Captains (2018 Interviews)

Korean Air B747-400/800 Captains

Commuting - extensive worldwide network
Ref: JO1823
JO#1823 Korean Air B747-400/800 First Officers (2018 Interviews)

Korean Air B747-400/800 First Officers

Commuting - extensive worldwide network
Ref: JO258
JO#258 Asiana Airlines B744 Captains - Expressions of Interest

Asiana Airlines B744 Captains

Screenings Confirmed for 2019!

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