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G.Nyamodi, Captain (CRJ1000)
Garuda Indonesia
G.Nyamodi, Captain (CRJ1000)
Garuda Indonesia
In Rishworth I have found efficiency, integrity and a partner, ready and willing to be of assistance in every way. I enjoy every minute of flying for Garuda and living in Indonesia - the people are so friendly.

About the CRJ

The CRJ type presents pilots with an opportunity to enjoy flying a modern, popular aircraft that offers numerous career possibilities globally. Every five seconds a CRJ Series regional jet takes off or lands somewhere in the world. This aircraft family, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2017, has transported over 1.6 billion passengers to become the world’s most successful regional jet program. As a result of its popularity, pilots looking to fly the CRJ will continue to have excellent career options globally for decades to come.

Since its launch 25 years ago, the CRJ Series has stimulated the regional jet market. In North America alone, it accounts for over 20% of all jet departures. Globally, the family operates hundreds of thousands of flights per month. With orders reaching several thousand, the CRJ Series is in service with over 60 airlines and 60 corporate customers around the world. Throughout its history the family has transported billions of passengers, and logged millions of flight hours. The CRJ Series enjoys exceptional performance on reliability thanks to its mature systems and robust technology.

Manufactured by Bombardier, the CRJ Series shares common features which allow airlines to adapt their fleet to specific market demands. Optimised for medium-haul regional routes, the CRJ900 has common crew qualification (CCQ) with the CRJ200 and CRJ700, as well as a reconfigurable flight simulator, common maintenance and training procedures, spares and ground support equipment.

The CRJ700 is a stretched version of the 50-seat CRJ200, longer by 5.74m. It also has an increased wingspan of 2m and an increased internal cabin width. The wing has leading edge slats to improve lift. The nacelles have been redesigned for the more powerful engines and the landing gear upgraded. The fuselage is of semi monocoque design. The CRJ700 is a very quiet aircraft (with an operational take-off noise level of 89EPNdb), is the lightest in its category and is very fuel efficient, with a range of 3,674km and fuel capacity of 9,017kg.

The 86-seat CRJ900 is a stretched variant of the 70-seat CRJ700 with two fuselage plugs, one forward and one aft of the centre section. Compared with the CRJ700, the CRJ900 has 5% higher thrust engines, strengthened main landing gear, upgraded wheels and brakes, a strengthened wing, increased volume in the forward underfloor baggage hold, an additional underfloor baggage door and two additional overwing exits.  

In March 2005, Bombardier announced that it had upgraded the CRJ900 by redesigning the wing-tip and winglet and optimising the wing leading edge devices to provide lower lift / drag ratio and reduced approach speeds. This results in improved payload range, improved take-off and landing performance and lower fuel costs.

The two-pilot flight decks of these aircraft are fitted with a Rockwell Collins Pro Line 4 six-tube Electronic Flight and Information System (EFIS) and an Engine Indication and Crew Alerting System (EICAS). The instrument panel has six 127mm×178mm (5in×7in) cathode ray tube displays. The aircraft is equipped with a Flight Dynamics HGS 2000 head up display and guidance system, a Rockwell Collins automatic heading reference system (AHRS), terrain collision avoidance system (TCAS) and a Rockwell Collins digital weather radar. The integrated avionics processor integrates the autopilot and flight management systems.

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