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Build your career with Rishworth Aviation

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 7 years ago
  • Author:by Jason Cochrane, Regional Director

A320/21 First Officer Michel Thubert has worked with Rishworth Aviation for almost 5 years now. Over this time, Rishworth Aviation has supported FO Thubert across 3 roles and 2 fleets, which has seen his career and horizons progress from the CRJ1000 in Indonesia to the A320/321 in Vietnam.

Starting his career with Rishworth Aviation in early 2013, Michel enjoyed flying for Garuda Indonesia for 2 years as a CRJ1000 First Officer, based in Medan. From the vibrant and volcanic landscapes of Indonesia, Michel was successful in joining Turkish Airways, through Rishworth Aviation, as an A320 First Officer. After 18 months in Turkey, he was drawn back to South East Asia and is now very happy building his career on the A320/321 fleet at Vietnam Airlines with Rishworth Aviation.

Take a look at what Michel has to say about flying for Vietnam Airlines and his decision to partner with Rishworth Aviation for his third contracting opportunity:

How did you hear about Rishworth Aviation? 

When I was looking for a job on the CRJ fleet, I had different offers from different companies. My fellow pilots told me to compare the agencies, and they recommended Rishworth Aviation for their reputation as one of the most well-known in the aviation industry.

What made you decide to choose Rishworth Aviation for your second and third assignments?

It was my first time using an agency to get a new contract, and during the 2-years in Indonesia, I was never disappointed with Rishworth Aviation. The team always supported me. I also moved to Turkish Airlines and Rishworth Aviation offered me the possibility to go for an interview. Having a good relationship with Rishworth Aviation made the move easier for me.

How have you found being on assignment with Rishworth Aviation?

After 4+ years being on contact with different Rishworth Aviation representatives, I always feel supported. Anytime I need information the team is available and I am assisted pretty quickly.

What are the highlights (your favourite parts) of being based in South East Asia and flying for Garuda and Vietnam Airlines?

Being based in South East Asia is a great opportunity, it's a new experience. Flying for Garuda was challenging due to the weather and volcanoes but it was enjoyable. Vietnam Airlines is just amazing! I am based in Da Nang and it feels like a vacation even with heavy schedules in the high season. Many of my flights are charter flights to China, so I still have many days off to spend with my family. 

What are your plans for the future?

I feel very happy at Vietnam Airlines and my family is settled. I wish to stay at Vietnam Airlines long-term and hopefully upgrade to Captain in the future. Vietnam Airlines provides good upgrade opportunities.

Does your family enjoy Vietnam?

My family really enjoy Vietnam. I had 3 weeks off and we just stayed in Vietnam. When I pick up my son at school we stop by the beach and relax before heading home. People here are fantastic, they always smile.

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