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4 Benefits of RPO in Aviation

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 3 years ago
  • Author:by Elena Phillips, Operations Manager

Many organizations will be struggling to re-staff their business as their operations increase on the back of growing travel demand. The technical nature aviation recruitment can create many bottlenecks and frustrating administrative processes when several roles need to be filled in the same time period. This is where RPO solutions can create efficiencies by outsourcing these tasks to dedicated aviation recruitment experts.

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is when a company transfers all or part of its recruitment to an external provider. An RPO provider acts as an extension of the company’s HR/Recruiting function. An RPO provider builds a team dedicated to the client and to the job opportunity, as well as technology and recruiting methodology to deliver the solution.

As recruitment becomes more reliant on technology, employee branding and social selling, working with an RPO provider is becoming a more attractive prospect. An RPO solution differs from a traditional staffing model as the RPO provider assumes ownership of the design and management of the recruitment process and has responsibility for the results.


Benefits of RPO in Aviation

1. Achieve Cost Savings

​Reduced in-house HR teams in aviation companies maybe strained in their ability to meet the growth needs in other areas of the business. An RPO provider will perform all administrative aspects of recruitment at the lowest possible costs. This frees up in-house HR teams to better utilize their time in supporting the business.

​2. Increase Speed of Hire

An RPO provider is completely focused on delivering high quality candidates. This means there are minimum delays in terms of communicating with interested candidates, validating documentation, and most importantly, maintaining the interest of the candidates throughout the process. Internal HR teams are delivered candidates who meet the requirements and have received briefings about the role.

​3. Mitigate Compliance and Risk

In-house teams may struggle to dedicate the resources required to source and validate aviation compliance documents. Partnering with an expert who already has compliance systems in place tailored to the aviation industry will significantly decrease potential for error when validating technical documents.

​​4. Expand Talent Pools

In-house teams may have limited time or experience reaching out to global talent pools. An RPO partner will be able to scale marketing and sourcing efforts to reach untapped candidate pools. This will increase the range of expertise and overall diversity candidates available to select from.

As an aviation recruitment partner, we are able to provide RPO solutions to deliver operational efficiency and . We work together with you to develop your organisation’s approach to talent acquisition.

RPO is much more than a short-term solution or a quick fix. Though our RPO solutions can provide high-quality results in a relatively short time frame, in the long-term, it is a transformative process that requires time and effort to drive results.

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