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Rishworth Aviation team
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​Rishworth Team Profile – Cristina Onisor

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 3 years ago

Cristina started with Rishworth Aviation in 2015 and has worked with most of our clients across Europe and Africa. Originally from Romania, Cristina lives and works in Sweden as part of our recruitment team. She shares her experience and views as a Recruitment Consultant. 

How did you get started in aviation recruitment?

While I was completing my Law studies I was working with a student organization that matched graduates with Law Practices. I enjoyed working with different nationalities and in recruitment, so when a colleague referred me to Rishworth Aviation it felt like a natural fit. 

​What trends are you seeing in the market as recovery accelerates?

Following 2020, I’m seeing many more people who hold senior aviation positions that are willing to offer guidance, advice, and mentoring to those who are struggling. There definitely appears to be a greater sense of community and cooperation at all levels of the industry. This is incredibly encouraging to see, as we operate in a global market and we all need to support each other.

I’m also seeing that candidates are generally willing to be more mobile, especially in Africa where we are now working with a wider range of nationalities. Rishworth has had a lot of success in Africa for over 20 years, so we’re excited to introduce more people to the great opportunities that are developing in this market. 

Rishworth team with pilots and families

Cristina with Rishworth Aviation contractors at RwandAir

What have been some of the most rewarding parts of your role?

Seeing the candidates that I’ve recruited go on to achieve bigger successes. A couple of highlights are one candidate being promoted to Fleet Manager, and another to Training Manager. It confirms that we understand the needs of the client and are delivering the right people who will add long term value. 

What has been the most interesting situation that you’ve managed?

I was woken up one morning at 5am by a phone call from pilot who was flying to Frankfurt to attend a screening. He was very stressed out and anxious as he explained that he was denied boarding at the gate. This was a shock as I had organized and verified all the documentation that he needed to attend screening. I stayed on the phone with him for a long time as he ran around the airport speaking to different officials to try and sort out the situation. Eventually I was able to explain to the airport staff that he was a pilot attending a screening and cleared up the misunderstanding. This pilot ended up passing the screening and was offered a position by the client, so it was a great outcome and another lesson in crisis management! 

What is your advice to candidates looking for work in the aviation industry? 

Many candidates I’m talking to are showing incredible patience and hope. They are aware of the global situation and understand that many companies are doing everything they can to resume regular operations. We are always talking to aviation companies globally, so registering with us and ensuring your profile is up to date will allow us to contact you when new opportunities become available.