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Celebrating Tracy's 28-Year Career Journey with Rishworth Aviation

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 month ago

​This month marks the celebration of International Women's Day, and we are shining the spotlight on Tracy Marulitua, our Sales Manager at Rishworth Aviation, who's been part of our journey for 28 years!

Tracy has worked with Rishworth Aviation since 1996.​ Originally from the US, she currently resides in Seattle, Washington, where she is focused on consulting with airlines to help ease aviation staffing shortages.

Hi Tracy, Could you share the story of how you began your journey in aviation recruitment? What sparked your interest in this field and how did you take your first steps? 

I met Peter Rishworth through a mutual connection when I was living in Indonesia. Upon learning about the challenges his business faced, he asked if I wanted to give the venture a try. I saw an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution, and I accepted the role as the Agent for Indonesia. Prior to this, I had experience working with Air New Zealand in contract training with Indonesian airlines, such as acquiring B737-200 training from the airlines to move to the Air New Zealand training facility. I recognized my growth potential and was eager to expand my skill set. Then after nearly two years of diligent effort, in 1998, we successfully signed our first contract with Merpati Airlines for 22 Captains on the A320 aircraft.

In the early of her career (1997), Tracy with the Director of Engineering Mandala Airlines (left) and Jonathan Clark (right) who introduced her to Peter Rishworth

Reflecting on your impressive 28-year with Rishworth Aviation, could you share a few memorable experiences/projects that have left a lasting impact on you?

Over my 28-year tenure with Rishworth Aviation, one standout contract has been our enduring partnership with Lion Air. It all began with a chance encounter with Rusdi Kirana, the owner of Lion Air, during my early days at Air New Zealand. Witnessing his journey from a tour agency owner to the inception of Lion Air with just two B737-200s was remarkable. As Lion Air expanded its fleet to include MD 82/83s, I was entrusted by Rusdi with the task of sourcing crew for them. By 2002, we had successfully placed 40 pilots under contract with Lion Air. We continued to supply pilots on various aircraft until the onset of the 2020 pandemic, which called for a temporary halt. Despite challenges, Rishworth Aviation remains Lion Air's preferred agency for pilots, a testament to our enduring partnership and commitment to excellence.

 Tracy with Lion Air pilots in 2015

Throughout your career, how have you seen the aviation industry evolve, particularly in terms of staffing and recruitment practices? What key changes or trends have you noticed, and how do you think they will continue to shape the industry's future?

Throughout my career, I've seen relatively stable recruitment practices in the aviation industry globally, however with notable changes in the United States. Pre-pandemic, breaking into the US market remained challenging due to various reasons. However, the industry has shifted post-pandemic, with the US emerging as a robust market, experiencing a shortage of qualified pilots. Therefore, airlines are increasingly receptive to sourcing highly skilled pilots internationally to meet their staffing needs. Moving forward, this trend will continue to share the future of aviation recruitment, emphasizing the importance of a global talent pool in meeting industry demands.

The USA has a mature and well-developed aviation industry, could you please share what exciting opportunities do you see on the horizon? And how does RA stay ahead in shaping the future of aviation staffing solutions for USA market?

The aviation market always ebbs and flows, especially in the dynamic USA market. To remain at the forefront of shaping the future of aviation staffing solutions in this market, Rishworth Aviation (RA) is strategically diversifying its portfolio. We've expanded into Engineering, Rotary Wing, and executive roles, ensuring we can adapt to the industry's ever-changing landscape. Additionally, with the industry now open to qualified foreign candidates, both RAL and the airlines stand to benefit from increased access to a global talent pool.

Tracy Marulitua (second from left) visiting the Ravn Alaska team in 2022

Diversity and inclusion are vital aspects of today's workplace conversations. As a woman navigating a traditionally male-dominated industry, what challenges did you encounter, and how did you overcome them throughout your career journey? How does RA prioritize DE&I initiatives within its internal culture and external partnerships?

As a woman in a traditionally male-dominated industry, I've found my gender to be advantageous, particularly in navigating cultural dynamics and language in Indonesia. While external partnerships have generally been respectful, internal challenges arose from biases among male counterparts in positions of authority. Overcoming these obstacles required me to be unwavering and resilient for contracts that were rightfully mine. In recent years, RAL has replaced individuals with outdated mindsets, placing greater emphasis on fostering a culture that values and celebrates diversity and inclusion.

It's truly inspiring to hear about Tracy's career journey navigating a traditionally male-dominated industry. At Rishworth Aviation, we are dedicated to addressing these challenges by prioritizing diversity and inclusion initiatives internally. We believe that fostering a culture that values and celebrates diversity not only enhances workplace dynamics but also contributes to overall success.

With over two decades of experience in the aviation industry, Tracy has demonstrated resilience and determination that sets her apart as an aviation staffing professional. Her extensive expertise is not just a reflection of her time spent in the field but also of her adaptability and commitment to excellence. Whether you're an airline seeking experienced pilots or require contract services, don't hesitate to reach out and benefit from Tracy's insights and assistance. Contact Tracy today to discuss your aviation staffing needs and how she can help ease your challenges.